Treatment for advanced hair loss

  • Contains the complete, powerful Neofollics Hair Growth product line
  • Prevents further hair loss
  • Stimulates healthy and new hair growth
  • Improves the overall condition of the scalp and hair


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Product Description

This treatment package is suitable for anyone who suffers from hair loss and / or thinning hair. The hair loss is advanced and clearly recognizable by a recessed hairline and balding or thinning patches on the head. This package prevents further hair loss, improves the general condition of the hair and ensures the regrowth of lost hair where possible. We recommend a powerful combination of multiple products that enhance each other’s effect. With this you tackle hair loss both inside and out as powerfully as possible.

The package consists of the Neofollics Shampoo, Conditioner, Tablets and Lotion. For optimal condition of your scalp and hair, we recommend that you use the Neofollics Shampoo almost daily. This creates a good basis for healthy hair growth.

What can you expect from this treatment package?

  • A powerful treatment used by dermatologists and hair clinics around the world in treatments to stimulate hair growth and inhibit hair loss.
  • Improving the overall condition of your scalp and hair. Your hair feels thicker and fuller. Any problems with dandruff or itching are greatly reduced.
  • The hair will grow healthier.
  • By using the Tablets your body gets all the ingredients it needs to grow healthy hair and slow down further hair loss.
  • The Lotion stimulates hair growth in the places where it is applied consistently. This makes the hair grow stronger, thicker and with more volume.


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Frequently Asked Questions

yes, you can start at any time with the Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating shampoo. If you like to alternate the shampoo with your own shamoo (without harmful substances!) Then this is of course also possible. However, it is important to use the Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating shampoo as described on the instructions for use for the best results.

No problem! Our products are suitable for all types of hair loss and for all gradations. Whether it concerns hereditary hair loss, hormonal hair loss or thinning hair due to a temporary (stress) situation, by combining our different products, a personal treatment is created for every type of hair problem.

Do you want to start preventively with a product? Then you can start with one of our products. Do you have advanced hair loss? Then you can combine multiple products to tackle your hair loss as powerfully as possible.

Curious about which product suits you best? Take the quiz!


No! Our products are pleasant to use and have no unpleasant side effects. This makes it easier to continue a treatment for a long time and to make the treatment part of your daily routine. You only have to replace your daily products with a Neofollics product to regain control over your hair problem.

The Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating lotion is a transparent lotion that is absorbed within seconds and is not thick or sticky. Because of these properties, this lotion is now also very suitable for use by people with long hair.

Tip: It is easiest to apply the lotion to longer hair by dividing the hair into sections. Make a middle part with a comb and apply the lotion to the scalp (eg with the fingers or with a pipette), then comb a new part in the hair (left of the middle part) and apply the lotion here too. Continue in this way until you have covered the entire head. It takes a little practice, but the more you do this, the better and faster it will go. If you only suffer from the hair loss in certain places (e.g. inlets or on the crown), you can also only apply the lotion there.

Our products are a combination of hair growth enhancing ingredients, powerful DHT inhibitors and nourishing ingredients. For example, they contain different (biotechnological) molecules (eg caffeine and the hair growth molecules Neoxyl®, Vividine® and Aminexil®) and plant extracts to influence a wide range of growth factors. In addition, you will also find nourishing ingredients such as various natural oils and proteins, to optimally soften and make the hair shiny in our products.

Want to know more about the different ingredients?

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Discretion is very important to us. Your order is always shipped in a neutral brown cardboard box. As the sender we only mention small Neofollics or NHT.

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