Neofollics Anti-Gray Hair Tablets

  • Powerful and natural food supplement to maintain the natural hair color
  • Promotes hair pigmentation with Quercetin, Copper and L-tyrosine
  • Unique two-step treatment for a higher dosage and more effective absorption of catalase
  • Content: 60 tablets (2x 30 tablets), sufficient for 1 month.





Product Description

Are you looking for products against gray hair? Neofollics Anti-Gray Hair Tablets is a dietary supplement that has been developed to effectively combat gray hair and maintain the natural hair color.

The Neofollics Anti-Gray Hair Tablets are perfect for any man or woman who:

  • Suffers from premature gray hair
  • Want to maintain a vibrant natural hair color
  • Want thicker, longer and healthier hair
  • Are you looking for an effective and natural treatment for gray hair

Neofollics Anti-Gray Hair Tablets consists of a unique two-step treatment:

  • Step 1 is a swallow tablet with Melanin Complex ™
  • Step 2 is a melt tablet with Enhanced Catalase ™

Powerful products against gray hair

Because the catalase is contained in a separate melting tablet, it has a higher dosage and more effective absorption than other anti-gray tablets. This treatment can effectively combat gray hair and help to maintain the natural hair color.

Hair turns gray due to a complex biochemical process. In recent years, several studies have identified the factors and processes that contribute to gray hair. The main culprit appears to be an excess of hydrogen peroxide, a substance naturally produced by the body.

Hair cells of people of all ages produce some amount of hydrogen peroxide. In young people, hydrogen peroxide is rapidly broken down by the enzyme catalase, into the harmless elements hydrogen and oxygen. However, as we age, the hair cells produce smaller amounts of catalase and less hydrogen peroxide is broken down.

When the hydrogen peroxide builds up, the melanin doesn’t work as well anymore. Melanin is a substance produced by the body that gives color to hair, skin and eyes. In the beginning, the hydrogen peroxide takes some color from the hair, which makes the hair look gray. Over time, as the level of catalase continues to drop and the level of hydrogen peroxide increases, the hair can turn from gray to white.

Active ingredients in products against gray hair

Neofollics Anti-Gray Hair Tablets contains the following ingredients that help against gray hair:

  • Catalase: This is an important enzyme that plays a role in the process of graying hair. Catalase breaks down hydrogen peroxide and thus prevents the hair from turning gray. As people get older, less catalase is produced in the body. By supplementing catalase in an effective way, the enzyme continues to break down the hydrogen peroxide well. In Neofollics anti-gray hair tablets the Catalase is contained in a fast melting tablet, so that the Catalase is absorbed more effectively into the bloodstream. Neofollics Anti-Gray Hair tablets contain 22,500 units of Catalase and is therefore able to clean up large quantities of hydrogen peroxide and combat gray hair.
  • Quercetin , Copper and L-Tyrosine: These ingredients play an important role in melanin synthesis – the production of the natural pigment that gives hair color
  • Folate: Lowers homocysteine, which ensures less hydrogen peroxide build-up in the body.
  • Vitamin B12: Improves the absorption and efficacy of the catalase. Also lowers homocysteine.
  • Selenium: Increases glutathione peroxidase, this substance cleans up hydrogen peroxide.

Active ingredients that promote hair growth

Neofollics Anti-Gray Hair Tablets also contains ingredients that make your hair healthier and help prevent hair loss:

  • Zinc: A mineral necessary for the maintenance of healthy hair. Zinc deficiency in the body can lead to hair loss.
  • Biotin: An important vitamin for the hair. Deficiency of Biotin can lead to hair loss and brittle hair. A high dose of Biotin is widely used for stronger, fuller and healthier hair and is also good for the condition of the skin and nails. You will always find this ingredient in products against gray hair.
  • EGCG: The polyphenol EGCG, or Epigallocatechin gallate, is not only a powerful antioxidant from Green Tea, but it also stimulates hair growth.

The tablets also contain iodine and vitamins D3, B6 & C. These are important for healthy hair growth.


Neofollics Anti-Gray Hair Tablets inhibit the graying process. The appearance of gray hair, and the speed with which this happens, is thus reduced. In addition, already white / gray hair can become less white or even regain their original color. Restoring color, especially with long-lasting gray hair, is of course more difficult than preventing or inhibiting graying hair.

In the image below, the results can be seen after 6 months of using the Neofollics Anti-Gray Hair Tablets in combination with the Neofollics Hair Growth Supporting Tablets as the only products against gray hair. The person in this image was being treated by a dermatologist and these photos were taken in a clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discretion is very important to us. Your order is always shipped in a neutral brown cardboard box. As the sender we only mention small Neofollics or NHT.

If you are already used to using a sulfate-free shampoo, you will know that a good shampoo without harmful substances does not lather as much as a standard shampoo. If you are used to using a normal shampoo, you may notice that the shampoo foams less. This is because a quality shampoo does not contain SLS. SLS is a chemical cleaning agent that provides the foaming effect.

With the Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo it is recommended to first degrease the hair with a small amount of shampoo. As a result, you already degrease the hair to a large extent. Then you apply a somewhat larger amount of shampoo. You will see that the shampoo is pleasant to distribute over the scalp and hair and lathers better than the first time.

If you would like to alternate the Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo with a mild shampoo (without harmful substances!) Then that is possible. However, it is important to use the shampoo at least as described in the instructions for use. For most of our customers, the Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo is even suitable for daily use.

Note: Combining a shampoo with Ketoconazole with Neofollics shampoo could be too strong a combination because the Neofollics shampoo contains Piroctone olamine, a substance with a similar effect to Ketoconazole.

The Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo contains, among others, Piroctone Olamine (good for scalp problems and hair growth stimulating and thickening). This ingredient can, like for example Ketoconazole, cause the hair to feel a bit drier and the scalp to dry out. If you suffer from this, this can be easily solved with the Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Conditioner. You can also reduce the frequency of use or alternate the shampoo with a mild shampoo. However, it is important to use the shampoo as a minimum as described in the instructions for use for optimal results.

yes, you can start at any time with the Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating shampoo. If you like to alternate the shampoo with your own shamoo (without harmful substances!) Then this is of course also possible. However, it is important to use the Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating shampoo as described on the instructions for use for the best results.

We think it is important that you are satisfied with your product purchase. If this is not the case, you can contact our customer service. We will do everything we can to find a good solution. If this does not lead to a solution, it is possible to register a dispute for mediation via Stichting WebwinkelKeur.

For consumers in the EU it is possible to register complaints via the ODR platform of the European Commission. This ODR platform can be found at

We pack all orders in sturdy boxes with sufficient filling material. In the unlikely event that a product does not reach you in good condition, you can contact our customer service via We always provide a suitable solution.

You can also contact our customer service if the product shows defects during use. We will find the best solution to the problem. This can be a replacement part, repair or replacement of the product.

Want to know more? Then check it out here the page “exchange and return”.

We value that our products are based on natural ingredients and that the products are free from harmful substances such as SLS and other sulfates, silicones and parabens. In addition, our products are vegan and the products are not tested on animals.

We value that our products are based on natural ingredients and that the products are free from harmful substances such as SLS and other sulfates, silicones and parabens. Our products are not tested on animals. In addition, our products do not contain any animal ingredients, with the exception of the Neofollics conditioner. It contains silk protein from the silkworm.

No problem! Our products are suitable for all types of hair loss and for all gradations. Whether it concerns hereditary hair loss, hormonal hair loss or thinning hair due to a temporary (stress) situation, by combining our different products, a personal treatment is created for every type of hair problem.

Do you want to start preventively with a product? Then you can start with one of our products. Do you have advanced hair loss? Then you can combine multiple products to tackle your hair loss as powerfully as possible.

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No! Our products are pleasant to use and have no unpleasant side effects. This makes it easier to continue a treatment for a long time and to make the treatment part of your daily routine. You only have to replace your daily products with a Neofollics product to regain control over your hair problem.

The Neofollics Hair Growth stimulating product line consists of a shampoo, conditioner, lotion and a nutritional supplement and this line has recently been supplemented with our latest product: Anti Gray Hair Tablets. Wondering which product is right for you? Take the quiz!

Offcourse! We now have thousands of satisfied users worldwide at Neofollics! On each product page you can find reviews from real users about the product. Here you will find reviews from customers who have been using our products with satisfaction for years, but also from customers who have just started.

Our products are a combination of hair growth enhancing ingredients, powerful DHT inhibitors and nourishing ingredients. For example, they contain different (biotechnological) molecules (eg caffeine and the hair growth molecules Neoxyl®, Vividine® and Aminexil®) and plant extracts to influence a wide range of growth factors. In addition, you will also find nourishing ingredients such as various natural oils and proteins, to optimally soften and make the hair shiny in our products.

Want to know more about the different ingredients?

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At Neofollics it is also possible to order a product when it is not in stock. Delivery times may deviate from our standard delivery time in this case. On the website you can find the expected delivery time for each product, we will also send you an email with the expected delivery time. This delivery time is always indicative and no rights can be derived from it.

With us it is always possible to return or exchange a product. We do, however, apply a number of conditions for the return of a product or the exchange of a product.

Did you accidentally order the wrong product? Would you rather try a different product? That’s no problem. You can always exchange a product with us, provided the product is unopened and in its original packaging. We ask you to contact our customer service when exchanging a product, so that we can help you as best as possible via

For more information you can go to the page “exchange and return” here .

Yes that’s right. High production standards are crucial for a reliable and safe end product, we believe. We use state-of-the-art production facilities in the Netherlands (EU), which exceed even the strictest European rules and regulations. We apply the strictest quality requirements when purchasing our raw materials and production.

The Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating lotion is a transparent lotion that is absorbed within seconds and is not thick or sticky. Because of these properties, this lotion is now also very suitable for use by people with long hair.

Tip: It is easiest to apply the lotion to longer hair by dividing the hair into sections. Make a middle part with a comb and apply the lotion to the scalp (eg with the fingers or with a pipette), then comb a new part in the hair (left of the middle part) and apply the lotion here too. Continue in this way until you have covered the entire head. It takes a little practice, but the more you do this, the better and faster it will go. If you only suffer from the hair loss in certain places (e.g. inlets or on the crown), you can also only apply the lotion there.

The Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating lotion can be combined with other lotions for hair growth. You can do this, for example, by applying one lotion in the morning and using the other lotion in the evening. It is not recommended to apply both lotions at the same time.

If you want to switch to Neofollics lotion, we recommend that you first use both lotions next to each other for 2 weeks. For example, the Neofollics Hair Grwoth Stimulating Lotion in the morning and the other lotion in the evening. After about 2 weeks your skin is used to it and you can start using the Neofollics lotion twice a day and switch completely.

Certainly, research has shown that using hair growth stimulants in conjunction with microneedling gives better results than a serum alone. Neofollics has therefore also developed a beard roller that perfectly matches the characteristics of the male facial skin.

Yes, the serum has been specially developed for the growth of facial hair including the mustache.

In addition to hair growth-stimulating ingredients, this serum also contains essential oils such as Sandalwood extract, Castor oil and Rosemary oil and nourishing agave tequilana gel that cares for the skin and gives the beard hair a healthy shine. It is not necessary to use another beard oil, but it is possible. The advice is to apply the beard oil only to the hair and as little as possible on the skin.

The serum is effective from the first use, but because hair growth is a slow process, it can take a while before you really start seeing results. After 3 months of use as prescribed, visible results will appear. Possibly even earlier.

The serum has been developed to stimulate existing hair follicles to grow thicker and fuller hair. If there are small down hairs (vellus hairs) present in places in the area where the beard and mustache normally grow, thickening of these hairs is certainly possible.

Use the Beard Growth Stimulating Roller a maximum of twice a week, according to the directions for use. Make sure there are at least 48 hours between these two treatments.

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