Treatment for colourful and healthy hairTreatment for colourful and healthy hair
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Treatment for colourful and healthy hair

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Preventing grey hair

Everyone gets grey hair sooner or later. But how do grey hair actually arise and is it possible to do something about it.

Grey hair is created by a complex biochemical process. In recent years, several studies have identified the factors and processes that contribute to grey hair. The main culprit appears to be an excess of hydrogen peroxide, a substance produced naturally by the body.

Hair cells of people of all ages produce some level of hydrogen peroxide. In young people, hydrogen peroxide is quickly broken down by the enzyme catalase, into the harmless elements hydrogen and oxygen. However, as we age, hair cells produce smaller amounts of catalase and less hydrogen peroxide is broken down.

When the hydrogen peroxide builds up, the melanin doesn't work as well. Melanin is a substance produced by the body that gives color to hair, skin and eyes. In the beginning, the hydrogen peroxide takes some color out of the hair, making the hairs look grey. Over time, as the level of catalase continues to fall and the level of hydrogen peroxide increases, hair can turn from grey to white.

Food supplements against grey hair vs Shampoo against grey hair

Many people find greying hair annoying. Grey hair can be prevented or counteracted in different ways. This can be done by dyeing the hair or using shampoo against grey hair, then choose "color shampoo grey coverage". However, these are not solutions that tackle the problem at the core, but rather a superficial and temporary solution. The Neofollics anti-grey line tackles the problem at the core and prevents greying hair. This has an effect in the long term, whereas shampoo against grey hair only has an effect in the short term.

The Neofollics anti-grey line focuses on counteracting the biochemical processes that cause grey hair. Several natural ingredients that help prevent the inhibition of hydrogen peroxide prevent greying hair. In addition, already white or grey hairs can become less grey and even regain their original color. Restoring color, especially with grey hair for a long time, is of course more difficult than stimulating the inhibition of grey hair.

Active ingredients in products against grey hair

Neofollics Anti-Grey Hair Tablets contains the following ingredients that help against grey hair:

- Catalase: This is an important enzyme that plays a role in the process of grey hair. Catalase breaks down hydrogen peroxide and thus prevents greying of the hair. As people age, less catalase is produced in the body. By supplementing Catalase in an effective way, the enzyme continues to break down the hydrogen peroxide properly. In the Neofollics anti-grey hair tablets, the Catalase is contained in a fast-melting tablet, so that the Catalase is absorbed more effectively into the bloodstream. Neofollics Anti-Grey Hair tablets contain 22,500 units of Catalase and is therefore able to clear large amounts of hydrogen peroxide and prevent grey hair. - Quercetin, Copper and L-Tyrosine: These ingredients play an important role in melanin synthesis – the production of the natural pigment that gives hair color - Folic Acid: Decreases homocysteine, which reduces hydrogen peroxide build-up in the body. - Vitamin B12: Improves the absorption and efficacy of the Catalase. Also lowers homocysteine. - Selenium: Increases glutathione peroxidase, this substance clears hydrogen peroxide.

What can you do immediately to prevent grey hair?

A healthy lifestyle and diet contributes to delaying grey hair. For example, a balanced diet will provide you with the right vitamins and minerals to keep the necessary biochemical processes going. Smoking constricts the blood vessels which results in less nutrients in the hair. Not smoking also contributes to delaying greying hair.

You may be familiar with the expression that something gives you grey hair when people are in a stressful situation. Stress is indeed not good for your hair color. Scientists from Harvard University have investigated this. Under stress, the nerves produced the substance noradrenaline. This substance appears to rapidly change stem cells into pigment-making cells. Since there are not an infinite number of these cells in your capillaries, this ensures that there is a shortage of these pigment-making cells. Stress therefore affects the speed of your grey hair.