Beard Growth Enhancing Roller (Gift)

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Description Neofollics Beard Growth Enhancing Roller

The Neofollics Beard Growth Stimulating Roller is the most advanced beard roller that activates and stimulates beard growth in multiple ways. The beard roller has 540 microscopic needles of 0.5 mm, which penetrate the skin painlessly. The beard roller creates microscopic holes in the skin at the beardline. This way the Neofollics Beard Serum is better absorbed into the skin. In addition, the small holes in the skin ensure that the natrual healing process of the skin is activated. This increases blood circulation tot the hair follicles of the beard, stimulating the natural beard growth process.

How the Neofollics Beard Growth Roller works

The beard roller contains very thin needles, similar to the needles used in microneedling therapy. The micro needles penetrate the top layers of the facial skin without causing damage. This penetration improves the absorption of the Neofollics Beard Growth Serum and activates the growth of the beard hair. It has been proven that pre-treatment of the skin by means of microneedling with the Neofollics beard roller improves the absorption of the Neofollics Beard Growth Serum by 5 times!

Content Neofollics Beard Growth Enhancing Roller

The Neofollics Beard roller contains an easy to use beard roller with 540 high quality microneedles. The beard roller is developed to improve the efficacy of the Neofollics Beard Growth Serum.

For who is the Neofollics Beard Roller suitable?

The Neofollics Beard Roller is suitable for every man (18+) who want to effectively improve and stimulate their beard growth. 

    The experiences with the Neofollics Beard Growth Enhancing Roller

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    1. Desinfect the beard roller with alcohol before use

    2. Gently apply the beard roller onto the skin with light pressure

    3. Roll the beard roller 5 times from left to right and bottom to top

    4. Roll the roller diagonally back and forth 5 times.

    5. Wait a minimum of 12 hours before applying the Beard Growth Stimulating Serum.

    Use the roller twice a week with a 3 day rest period. You rinse the beard roller under a hot tap after each treatment. After 3 months of use the beard roller needs to be replaced.

    The scientifically proven effect of the usage of microneelding to stimulate hair growth.

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