Stimuleer baardgroei

You can stimulate your beard growth by using the right products and by treating your skin and hair follicles properly. The beard is by many man seen as a form of masculinity. Some people have it and others don’t. Many people think they cannot grow a beard, because whatever they try it doesn’t work.

We think that it is possible for every man to grow a beard. That is why in this article we explain how beard growth develops itself, what you can do to grow a beard and advice you what products you can take to stimulate your beard growth.

How develops beard growth

There are several phases in which appear in hair growth. The first phase is the anagen phase, in which the cells in the root of the hair follicles divide at a rapid rate. After a week most men see that they have a stubble. This is when your face still has a mostly smooth texture but, you might start to see some hair growing in above the lip, on the sideburns or along your jawline.

After three to four weeks most of the people see what parts of your face are growing faster than the other. For most men this will be: chin hairs, moustache and the jawline. In this phase you can start with a beard serum to stimulate all the hair follicles to grow, so the hair can spread more easily.

After five to six weeks a lot of men have grown a short beard. From this phase on you need to treat your beard the best you can and make sure that you don’t get any bald spots in your beard. With an enhancing roller you can make sure that you don’t damage the hair follicles or the scalp.

In the last phase of growing a beard it is important to keep it healthy; by keeping it clean, using a good serum and getting the right tools that will not damage your hair.

After a couple years your hair comes in the transition (catagen phase). Hair follicles shrink in this phase and hair growth slows. The hair separates from the bottom of the hair follicle, yet it remains on its place the last days of growing. Then your hair comes in a resting phase (telogen) for a couple of months.

The last phase is the exogen phase in which shedding finds place. Losing between 50 to 100 hairs a day is normal. After the hairs have fallen off, new hairs grow in the follicles.

When does facial hair start growing

Most people start to have facial hair growing on the age of 13 to 16 years old. And it often starts to grow on the upper lip, sideburns and chin. Hairs appear last in the neck area.

What can you do to stimulate your beard growth

There are several factors that impact your ability to grow a beard that are summoned here below:

  • Genetics: the kind of beard you grow is explicitly tied to your genes. In fact, the genes determine the coarseness, colour and terminal length of your beard. But it is not certain that you will get the same beard as your father or grandfather has.
  • Age: your age plays an important factor of growing a beard. How younger you are, how more likely it is your beard is not fully grown yet.
  • Less stress: stress can change growth rates on both hair and scalp, because it weakens the immune system.
  • Serum: an effective serum can soothe the skin and activate beard follicles. This can activate non-activated hair follicles, stimulating them to grow.

Beard conditions

Best way to stimulate beard growth

The best way to grow yourself a beard is using the right product that stimulates your hair. The beard growth serum of Neofollics contains 10 active beard growth stimulating ingredients, that stimulate your beard hair to grow

This beard growth serum is suitable for people with: little to no beard, bald spots in the beard area, non-activated hair follicles and for growing a fuller beard. The beard serum is easy to use 1-2 pumps per side is effective for the cheek area and 1 pump is sufficient enough for the moustache and chin area. You can get the best results if you do this 2 times per day. A bottle of the serum can easily last a month and even longer, if you use it careful. The first effects depends on your individual condition, but on average after three months they are visible. Link to the beard growth serum

The reviews of this serum are positive. Customers rate the product 8,8/10 and often see differences in their beard growth, making it fuller and seeing visible results. 

The company Man-man did write an blog about this product so, if you are interested in reading more about the serum than you can read this article of man-man Dutch article of stimulating Beard Growth

In addition the beard growth roller of Neofollics painlessly creates microscopic holes in the skin of the beard line. This way the beard serum can absorb better in your skin. Because if the healing process of your skin activates, the blood circulation increases to the hair follicles of the beard, stimulating the beard growth process. Link to enhancing roller

Neofollics beard roller

How fast does a beard grow?

Beards grow in different paces. But the average beard growth rate is 0,27mm per 24 hours. This means that in a week time your beard can grow with 1 cm.

What causes shaving irritation?

The hairs you can see on your skin, are not everything that is happening when you grow beard hair. Underneath your skin happens way more. There is a complex biology below the surface of the skin, which plays a role in shaving. For instance, every hair follicle is wrapped in nerves. That can be triggered when you cut one of your hairs. It can lead to signs of skin irritation.


The most important thing in growing a healthy beard is to handle your beard hairs in the right way. With a serum that actively enters the hair follicles and stimulates the growth, you can ensure that your beard will grow.

In addition, an enhancing roller helps to properly apply the serum in the hair follicles, thereby allowing the hair follicles to absorb it even more effectively.

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