Your personal advice: Treatment for Colourful and Healthy hair.

Your personal hair advice is based upon the answers you gave us. We have matched your answers to your current situation. Your situation can best be described as greying hair. The greying of the hair was become worse over time and you want to do something about it.

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Treatment for advanced hair loss

The treatment consists of two scientifically proven products: 
- Neofollics Anti-Grey Hair Tablets
- Neofollics Hair Growth Supporting Tablets

Scientifically proven

Our products contain high volumes of scientifically proven ingredients. Want to know more. Visit our product pages where you can find the studies with each product.

Both men and women

The treatment for moderate hair loss is suitable for both men and women.

Tips for the treatment for colouful and healthy hair growth.

There are a couple of tips for your treatment for colourful and healthy hair:

1. Effective from day one
 Hair growth is a slow process and sometimes it can take a few months before you see visible results. However, the hair already receives more important nutrients from the first day to prevent greying hair. So even if you don't see anything in the first few weeks, you're already well on your way.
 2. Plan your treatment consciously
It is okay to forget or skip your treatment once. However, for optimal results, try to avoid this as much as possible. Our advice is to combine the use of the treatment with brushing your teeth (twice a day). Placing the products in plain sight, for example in the kitchen, also helps.
3. Avoid stress when a treatment runs out
Because you are motivated to do something against greying hair, you will use it for a long time. It's nice not to be without for a few days and wait for the package to be delivered. Order new products well in time so that you can continue the treatment smoothly, without stress.

Treatment for colourful and healthy hair
Treatment for colourful and healthy hair

Treatment for colourful and healthy hair

Description Neofollics treatment for colourful and healthy hair

The Neofollics treatment for colourful and healthy hair contains a powerful combination of the Neofollics Anti-Grey Tablets in combination with the Neofollics Hair Growth Supporting Tablets.

By using the Neofollics Anti-Grey Tablets and Neofollics Hair Growth Supporting Tablets together you will provide your hair with all the nutrients it needs to grow colourful and healthy. 

How the Neofollics treatment for colourful and healthy hair works

Hair turns grey due to a complex biochemical process. In recent years, several studies have identified the factors ans processes that contribute to grey hair. The main culprit appears to be an excess of hydrogen peroxide, a substance naturally produced by the body.

Hair cells of people of all ages produce some amount of hydrogen perosxide. In young people, hydrogen peroxide is rapidly borken down by the enzyme catalase, into harmless elements hydrogen and oxygen. However, as we age, the hair cells produce smaller amounts of catalase and less hydrogen peroxide is broken down.

When the hydrogen peroxide builds up, the melanin doesn't work as well anymore. Melanin is a substance produced by the body that gives colour to the hair, skin and eyes. in the beginning, the hydrogen peroxide takes some colour from the hair, which makes the hair look grey. Over time, as the level of catalase continues to drop and the level of hydrogen peroxide increases, the hair can turn from grey to white.

The Neofollics Anti Grey hair Tablets will brake down the build up of hydrogen peroxide in a two step proces by provinding the body with extra melanin and catalase. In combination with the Hair Growth Tablets this treatment will provide colourful and healthy hair.

The clinical test shows that the use of the Anti Grey Tablets in combination with the Hair Growth Tablets leads to an improvement of the overall condition of the hair and maintaining colourful and healthy hair.

Contents Neofollics treatment for colourful and healthy hair

The Neofollics treatment for colourful and healthy hair contains 1x 60 Anti-Grey tablets and 1x 100 Hair Growth Tablets, sufficient for 1 month. 

For who is the treatment for colourful and healthy hair?

The Neofollics treatment for colourful and healthy hair is suitable for every man and woman (18+) who want maintain their natural haircolour and improve the condition of their hair.

    The experiences with the Neofollics treatment for colourful and healthy hair

    Many people experience positive effects after using the Neofollics treatment for colourful and healthy hair. Would you like to read or share your experience with the Neofollics treatment for colouful and healthy hair? Then go to the review section at the top of the page. Have you not used this treatment yet? Add this Neofollics treatment to the shopping cart and order it today.

    Treatment for coulourful and healthy hair

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