Climbazole is an antifungal drug, which is frequently used in the treatment of skin fungal infections. Thus, it is effective against dandruff, eczema and other scalp infections in your hair and scalp. The antifungal drug is used in over-the-counter shampoos, conditioners, lotions and face washes, including those made by Neofollics.

Is Climbazole safe?

According to the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (2013) Climbazole that is used in hair cosmetics and face cosmetics at 0,5% does not pose a risk to the health of any costumer. However, the use in leave-on products with a concentration of 0.5% cannot be considered as safe. This can be because there is a lack of scientific proof that it is safe to use in other products than hair and face cosmetics, such as Neofollics which are completely safe. The SCCP (2013) also states that in hair products a concentration of 2.0% does not impose any risks for customers.

Another important factors were also being researched in this research. We summoned it for you here below:
• HET-Cam and CEET suggest that Climbazole is not eye-irritant.
• The potential to pose skin irritation chances are very slim.                           
• There are no suspects for irritation problems.
• After research it is clear that no mutagenic/genotoxic effects are to be expected.
• Climbazole is rapidly absorbed and excreted, the maximum concentration in plasma is reached in approximately 8 hours.

Effects of Climbazole

Below are two different conditions, in which the drug Climbazole is effective against further reduction of your hair situation:

Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells of the scalp. The skin flakes, itches and crusts very often in this condition. Although dandruff is a minor problem it can be very annoying and embarrassing. The antifungal drug Climbazole helps to control the dandruff effectively. According to a study (2012) of 4 weeks in testing different shampoos, the effects of a pyrithione/climbazole shampoo were more effective in reducing dandruff than an ZPT shampoo.

Scalp eczema has different causes such as genetic allergens, stress and medicines. Scalp eczema is most of the time an reddened itchy infection, also scaly and greasy patches could appear. Though eczema is not a fungus, inhibiting infection using an anti-fungal agent, such as Climbazole is the key to treat your scalp eczema.

 Climbazole for hair

Anti-fungal products such as Climbazole can have a positive effect against dandruff and skin infections. In combination with other ingredients the products of Neofollics contain an healthy and effective product against several hair conditions as hair loss, dandruff, grey hair, cove formation and thinning hair. The caring and active ingredients lay the foundation for healthy hair growth and provide rich nutrients to the scalp that are being absorbed by the hair follicles, which stimulates new and stronger hair.

Products with Climbazole (scalp therapy line)

In the new Neofollics scalp therapy line, the product Climbazole is used. The line is developed for nourishing the scalp and to relieve all your scalp concerns such as dandruff, hair loss and Seborrheic dermatitis. The therapy line suits you perfectly if you want to have a clear and healthy scalp and hair condition. It is the best and most effective non-pharmaceutical treatment against scalp conditions.
The product:
• Exfoliates the scalp and removes sebum build up
• Reduces dandruff and flaking
• Balances microbial activity
• Prevents irritation and itching • Decreases inflammation and redness
• Is a total nourishment for the scalp

Results of Climbazole (scalp therapy line)

The scalp line is clinically tested by 90 different people with mild to severe scalp conditions. 95% of the people are satisfied with the products. They experience an overall improvement on the health of their scalp and they experience less dandruff and flakes and a reduce in itching and irritation.
 In this example a women of 67 years old experiences seborrheic eczema, after 28 days the results are very effective and the feeling of both the scalp and hair feel good. The hair also feels softer and fuller.
 Climbazole is thus a safe antifungal drug used in the scalp therapy line of Neofollics. This antifungal drug helps in effectively fighting dandruff and fungi on the scalp. (link) 

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