Malassezia On Scalp

Malassezia op de hoofdhuid

Malassezia op de hoofdhuid ontstaat wanneer gist, die deel uitmaakt van de natuurlijke flora van jouw huid, zich vermenigvuldigt en de haarzakjes i...

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Man with beard and mustache

Moustache Growth

Growing a moustache takes patience. Facial hair growth for men is mostly determined by genes. On average, facial hair growth for men grows at a rat...

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Man looking at his patchy beard in the mirror

Patchy Beard Growth

A patchy beard is an uneven beard, that is usually passed down from parents to children. Your beard might grow patchy in places due to genetics or ...

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Man pulling back his hair, with uneven hairline

Uneven Hairline

An uneven hairline is not a pleasant experience. The asymmetrical hairline often develops because of hair loss along the scalp. There are several c...

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Thicken Hair

Thicken Hair

When you want to thicken hair, you should know that it is not possible to change the texture of your hair. However, to thicken hair you can stimula...

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Neofollics hair growth stimulating lotion

Rogain Alternative

There used to be no natural alternatives to Rogaine. But nowadays there are more and more alternatives to Rogaine. One of these Rogaine alternative...

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Worried woman with pimple looking in the mirror

Accutane haaruitval

Accutane haaruitval ontstaat door het geneesmiddel Isotretinoïne, een behandeling voor ernstige acne. Het gebruik van Isotretinoïne is gekoppeld aa...

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Woman with short hair smiling

Haargroei na chemo

Haarverlies door chemo is meestal tijdelijk wat ervoor zorgt dat haargroei na chemo mogelijk is en niet ongewoon is. Na een chemo behandeling kan j...

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Woman looking worried at hairline acne

Hairline Acne

Hairline acne is often apparent as pimples on hairline and bumps on the hairline. The acne on the hairline can pop up in spots like the chin, foreh...

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Man with receding hairline looking in the mirror

Hair Miniaturization

Hair miniaturization happens when the hair follicle constricts. Hair follicle miniaturization makes it harder for hair to grow, which means that th...

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