Yeast infection on scalp

A yeast infection on scalp doesn’t normally cause many problems. But when the yeast grows too much, too quickly, you may develop a scalp yeast infection. Yeasts grow anywhere on or inside your body, this includes your feet, fingernails and scalp. Candida scalp is the most common fungus that causes scalp yeast infections. 

In this article you will read everything you need to know about the causes of a yeast fungal infection on scalp, symptoms of a yeast infection scalp and how to get rid of yeast infection on scalp. 

The following subjects will be discussed: 

  • Yeast infection on scalp causes 
  • Scalp yeast infection symptoms 
  • Scalp yeast infection hair loss 
  • How to get rid of yeast infection on scalp 
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Yeast infection on scalp causes 

In warm and moist areas candida thrives, but in cold climates it is also possible to suffer from a candida scalp. Sometimes the natural environment of you skin becomes unbalanced, this can be because of certain medical issues, unhealthy diet, stress, medication, or harsh chemicals. 

The most common risk factors for scalp yeast infections are a weakened immune system, diabetes, hypothyroidism, pregnancy and skin conditions such as psoriasis. 

Scalp yeast infection symptoms 

There are several symptoms that might point out a yeast infection on scalp. These symptoms are red or purple rash, cracks or patches of the skin and white, flaky scales that are shedding. 
In addition, to these yeast infection on scalp symptoms, there are also some that have nothing to do with the scalp, these are fatigue, digestive issues and sinus pain. 

Scalp yeast infection hair loss 

A yeast infection on scalp can last for a long time and result in a lot of flakes and dead skin. When you are suffering from an itchy feeling, you can damage your hair follicles further by scratching, which can cause hair loss. 

Suffering from circular patches of baldness, can be a sign of tinea capitis. This is known as ringworm of the scalp and is possible to treat with a scalp yeast infection shampoo. 

How to get rid of yeast infection on scalp 

The best scalp yeast infection treatment is a combination of a lotion, shampoo, nourishing mask and hair growth supporting tablets. This way you do not only tackle the yeast infection on the scalp but also scalp yeast infection hair loss and impurities. 

Combat Yeast Infection On Scalp

An example of an effective scalp yeast infection treatment is: 

  • The hair growth stimulating shampoo of Neofollics that consists out of ingredients such as piroctone olamine, panax ginseng, lavender oil and witch hazel leaf extract. Which have anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and wound healing effects. Allowing hairs to grow thicker and reducing redness, flakes and rashes. 
  • Smooth Lotion that stimulates hair growth with several hair growth molecules that work efficient on hair growth. It effectively combats yeast infection on scalp.
  • Taking hair growth supporting supplements with vitamin and nutrients such as Biotin and Zinc to combat hair loss and to nourish the hairs and scalp. 
  • Using a healthy scalp treatment that is effective against scalp yeast infections as well as seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and itching of the scalp. 


A yeast infection on scalp can cause hair loss when you start scratching yourself because of a terrible itchy feeling. Yeast infections on scalp often develop itself due to Candida, a fungus that can cause infections. It is possible to use a scalp yeast infection treatment by using several products that have an effective working on the health of the scalp. 

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