Alopecia Barbae

Alopecia is a medical term for hair loss. Some men lose hair for unknown reasons on different places. Alopecia barbae is not contagious and appears independent from other forms of hair loss. There can appear round, peach and smooth spots on the beard, sometimes they are accompanied by additional symptoms. There is a treatment for stimulating hair to grow on the beard, but if you do not treat this consistently, then it is possible the hair loss will return. 

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Causes of alopecia barbae

Alopecia barbae is in other words alopecia areata, but in the beard region. Alopecia areata has influence on the hair follicles and is an autoimmune disease. The hair follicles can be damaged, which will lead to hair loss.

Commonly, the hair loss occurs in small circular patches, often along the jawline though you may lose all of your beard hair. Alopecia areata does not only lead to hair loss on the beard, but can also occur in other places, such as your scalp or face.

The exact reasons for hair loss in your beard are not certain, but often psychological and physical stress can be found linked to alopecia. Genetics may also play a role: it’s more common in those related to someone with alopecia, asthma or allergies.

Having relatives with an autoimmune condition can put you at a higher risk of developing alopecia barbae. These include type 1 diabetes, lupus and psoriasis. Other viruses and certain medications can also cause hair loss over the entire body.

Symptoms of alopecia barbae

The symptoms of alopecia barbae appear in small circular bald patches about the size of a quarter. As more hair is lost, these circles will sometimes begin t overlap. There can be hair around the patches that appears white. Your skin can feel itchy and painful before you lose your hair. Usually, the visible skin is smooth, but it can feel rough. Some people also experience redness, irritation and inflammation in bald spots.

Treatment for beard growth

Man before and after Neofollics beard growth treatment

Neofollics has found a way to develop a treatment that is effective for beard growth. The male above uses the Neofollics beard Growth Serum in combination with the Hair Growth Supporting Tablets for a period of 3 months.

As you can see there are visible results, the beard line has grown thicker and the hairs have grown significantly. The serum contains ingredients that are scientifically proven and tested clinically and dermatologically. The purpose of the serum is to stimulate inactive hair follicles to grow. In combination, with the serum we advise you to use an enhancing roller that stimulates the hair follicles. The microscope needles create microscopic holes in the skin at the beard line, so the serum can absorb better in the skin. Your blood circulation increases to the follicles stimulating the beard hair growth.


Alopecia Barbae is a form of alopecia areata that can appear on your beard. It can cause bald spots in your beard, which is why it is wise to use the right products against it.

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