Vividine provides potassium channel opening (PCO), just like Minoxidil. This makes the hair enter the growth phase faster and the growth phase lasts longer. Vividine also stimulates blood flow to the hair follicle, allowing nutrients to reach the vollicles more easily

Working mechanisms of Vividine on hair growth

Vividine smoothly supplies nutrients necessary for hair growth through the vasodilatation of blood vessels around hair follicles to promote the transition from the telogen (resting) phase to the anagen (growing) phase. The anagen phase will maintain for a longer time.

Vividine is an active ingredient, and thus inhibits general male-pattern or female pattern hair loss and promotes hair growth.

Vividine has a positive effect of promoting the proliferation of dermal papillae cells.

Clinical trails

There are 3 main hair growth stimulting ways that were clinically tested with Vividine:
1. Test of hair growth effect
2. Potassium channel opening effect
3. Test of effect on promotion of dermal papillae cells

To see the results of this clinical trails please look at this document:
Vividine technical data.


Vividine has a positive effect on hair growth. Vividine has effect on 3 different mechanisms that promote hair growth.
1. Vividine promotes the proliferation of dermal papillae cells
2. Vividine provides potassium channel opening (PCO) just like Minoxidil
3. Vividine promotes the transition from the telogen phase to the anagen phase in the hair.

anti grey hair tablets
anti grey hair tablets

Anti Grey Hair Tablets

Description Neofollics Anti Grey Tablets

The Neofollics Anti Grey Hair Tablets are a dietary supplement, developed to effectively combat the greying of the hair and maintain the natural hair color. This is an anti grey hair treatment that combats the causes of greying hair. 

The Neofollics Anti Grey Tablets consists of an unique two-step treatment:

  • Step 1 is a swallow tablet with Melanin Complex
  • Step 2 is a melt tablet with enhanced Catalase
How the Anti Grey Tablets works

Hair turns grey due to a complex biochemical process. In recent years, several studies have identified the factors and processes that contribute to grey hair. The main culprit appears to be an excess of hydrogen peroxide, a substance naturally produced by the body.

Hair cells of people of all ages produce some amount of hydrogen peroxide. In young people, hydrogen peroxide is rapidly borken down by the enzyme catalase, into harmless elements hydrogen and oxygen. However, as we age, the hair cells produce smaller amounts of catalase and less hydrogen peroxide is broken down.

When the hydrogen peroxide builds up, the melanin doesn't work as well anymore. Melanin is a substance produced by the body that gives colour to the hair, skin and eyes.

In the beginning, the hydrogen peroxide takes colour from the hair, which makes the hair look grey. Over time, as the level of catalase continues to drop and the level of hydrogen peroxide increases, the hair can turn from grey to white.

The Neofollics Anti Grey hair Tablets will brake down the build up of hydrogen peroxide in a two step proces by provinding the body with extra melanin and catalase. In conclusion, The anti grey tablets combat the causes of greying hair.

Content Anti Grey Hair Tablets

The Neofollics Anti Grey Tablets contain 60 tablets, sufficient for 1 month of use. The Neofollics Anti Grey Tablets will combat greying hair with scientifically proven active ingredients.

For who is the Anti Grey Tablets suitable?

The Neofollics Anti Grey Tablets are suitable for every man and woman (18+) who is searching for an effective anti grey hair treatment.

The experiences with the Neofollics Anti Grey Tablets

Many people experience positive effects after using the Neofollics Anti Grey Tabelts. Most users experience the first effects after 3 months of use. In short, if you want to combat your greying hair. The anti grey tablets of Neofollics are the best you can do to combat your greying hair. Furthermore they can be combined with other Neofollics prodcuts to stimulate healthy hair growth.


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