Bald spots in hair

Bald spots in hair are not difficult to notice. Bald spots in hair can be due to conditions as alopecia areata and androgenic alopecia. Bald spots in hair can be temporary or permanent. In this article we cover the following topics about bald spots in hair for you: 

  • What causes hair bald spots? 
  • Bald spots in women 
  • How do I fix bald spots on my head? 
  • Bald spots in men 
  • How to get rid of bald spots? 
  • Bald spots on head treatment 

What causes hair bald spots? 

There are many causes for bald spots in hair. The most common cause that leads too bald spots in men and thinning in women, is androgenic alopecia. Hair loss is normally difficult to notice, because bald spots hair regrows. When a hair falls off normally, a new hair grows back. Bald spots in hair occur when new hair doesn’t replace the old hair. Bald spots in men and bald spots in women are often related to one or more of the factors below: 
  • Family history is the most common cause of hair loss that happens with aging. This condition is called androgenic alopecia, male-pattern baldness, and female-pattern baldness. It usually occurs gradually and in predictable patterns, such as a receding hairline and bald spots in men and thinning hair along the crown of the scalp in women. 
  • Hormonal changes and medical conditions can cause permanent or temporary hair loss, including things such as pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and thyroid problems. These conditions are mostly immune system related and can cause patchy hair loss and scalp infections. 
  • Medications and supplements can cause hair loss, because hair loss can be a side-effect of certain drugs that we use for conditions such as cancer, depression, and high blood pressure. 
  • Radiation therapy to the head can cause hair not to grow back. And can make bald spots in hair appear. 
  • Stressful events can lead to general thinning of the hair. This type of hair loss is often temporary. 
  • Hairstyles and treatments can cause hair loss and bald spots in hair. Excessive hairstyles pull hair tight, such as pigtails and cornrows. This is called traction alopecia. 
  • Alopecia areata can cause bald spots in women. Sudden hair loss happens sudden and new hairs won’t always replace hair that falls off.  

Bald spots in women 

Bald spots in women can appear due to alopecia areata or frontal fibrosing alopecia. Frontal fibrosing alopecia often happens at a late age when bald spots hair regrowth is almost impossible. When bald spots in women appear, this can also be due to androgenic alopecia, female pattern baldness. Most of the time in women thinning appears at the crown of the head. However, when this extends itself and much hair falls out, visible bald spots in women hair can develop. 

How do I fix bald spots on my head? 

Bald spots in hair can be fixed after you first understand the cause and potential symptoms that can appear on your head. Bald spots in hair can come suddenly, but can also happen gradually. Signs of hair loss that often go together with bald spots in hair may include: 

  • Gradual thinning on top of the head is the most common type of hair loss and often leads to bald spots in women. Women typically have a broadening part in their hair and as women age a receding hairline appears, what later can turn into bald spots in women. In men, hair often begins to recede at the hairline of the forehead. Bald spots in men are more often visible because they have less longer hairs. 
  • Patches of scaling can spread all over the scalp, which is often a sign of tinea capitis (ringworm). It may be accompanied by broken hair redness, swelling and oozing. 
  • Full body hair loss can happen due to medical treatments, such as chemotherapy. In some cases, the chances of bald spots hair regrow are slim. This is because of damaged hair follicles. 

To answer the question: how do I fix bald spots on my head? We recommend you should first look at the cause of the bald spots in hair, then assessing the severity and then use a home remedy against it. Effective home remedies for bald spots in hair that help bald spots hair regrow are this nourishing shampoo and smooth conditioner.  

Bald spots in men  

Bald spots in men are likely due to the genes. This condition is called androgenic alopecia. This condition can affect men of all ages and may even start before the age of 21. Hair growth goes to three phases. The anagen phase is the growth phase of a hair which lasts about 2 to 4 years, the catagen phase in which the hair follicles shrink over 2 to 3 weeks and the telogen phase in which the hair sheds in 3 to 4 months. 
Bald spots in men become evident through a receding hairline. While balding isn’t necessary a disease this condition can make you feel unsecure or unhappy about your hair. That is why it is important to know how to get rid of bald spots in men and women.  

How to get rid of bald spots? 

Bald spots in hair will not disappear in a day. This does not mean there is nothing you can do. In fact, there exists a ‘bald spot on head treatment’ that will help to stimulate your hair growth. Hair loss is often associated with a lack of vitamins and nutrients that is why getting rid of bald spots in hair and can be done by increasing the amount of healthy nutrients that you take in your diet.  
Important nutrients and vitamins to be added to your diet include biotin and protein, what is contained in egg, for example.  

Bald spots on head treatment 

Most baldness and bald spots in hair are caused by genetics, androgenic alopecia. This is a type of hair loss that will happen to every human when aging. To reduce the amount of hair loss you should be gentle with your hair and must avoid harsh treatments such as a hot roller, curling iron or hot-oil treatment. 
Furthermore, you shouldn’t tension your hair by wearing a pigtail or cornrow. This can pull on your hair follicle and it might fall off. Bald spots on scalp are often caused by alopecia areata, where is no solution for but a treatment that can combat against certain symptoms.  
Bald spots in hair, however, is often caused by androgenic alopecia a form of hair loss that requires a different bald spot on head treatment. The treatment combats androgenic alopecia and consists out of a gentle shampoo, effective lotion, healthy tablets, and a modern scalp roller. The treatment tackles patchy baldness and improves the overall condition of the hair. A powerful combination of 4 products that reinforce each other’s effect are used to tackle androgenic alopecia from the outside and inside. Some of the ingredients inhibit DHT, one of the main reasons for bald spots in hair. 
We recommend using the gentle shampoo a few times a week, by massaging it into the hair and leaving it in for 3 minutes so the scalp and hair can absorb it. After this you should rinse it completely. The lotion can be used in combination with the derma roller, you can use this every day, but it depends on the severity. Firstly, clean the scalp roller with alcohol. Secondly, apply the roller gently to the scalp and go back and forth 10 times in total for the best bald spots on head treatment. Lastly, clean the roller and apply the lotion. Make sure you only do this once in 12 hours.  
For the tablets it is recommended to take 1-3 tablets per day. When it is possible to spread the tablets over the day in the morning, afternoon, and evening. If this is not possible you can take 3 tablets but no more right after dinner. Take the tablets with water and swallow it slowly followed by drinking the water. Sidenote: The use of the Neofollics Tablets is not recommended during pregnancy. 
Using all the products in the bald spots on head treatment in combination with a careful behaviour for your hair will increase hair growth significantly and stimulates on bald spots hair regrow. 

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