Why am I getting Bumps on my Scalp?

Bumps on the scalp can appear due to various health conditions. These are health conditions such as folliculitis, acne fungal, and head lice. Bumps on scalp are often harmless, but sometimes painful bumps on scalp appear. Sore bumps on the scalp can sometimes indicate to an allergic reaction of the body. An itchy scalp with bumps is also a condition that can appear.

In this article you will learn more about the conditions that lead to bumps on the scalp and the best way to remove bumps on scalp and how to get rid of fungal acne. The following topics will be explained: 

  • What is fungal acne? 
  • How to get rid of fungal acne? 
  • Folliculitis bumps on scalp 
  • Bumps on scalp treatment 
  • Scalp psoriasis & eczema 
  • Healthy scalp treatment 

Neofollics scalp therapy line

 Treatment against an itchy scalp with bumps

What is fungal acne? 

Fungal acne is an infection in your hair follicles that’s often confused with common acne. It causes an itchy scalp with bumps on your skin. These can be recognized as red bumps on scalp. Fungal acne can be recognized by that it never produces painful bumps on scalp but only an itchy scalp with bumps. 

How to get rid of fungal acne? 

The best way to get rid of fungal acne is by washing your hair more regularly and using a fungal acne treatment with fungal acne products. Examples of fungal acne products that work effectively against symptoms of acne fungal, is this fungal acne shampoo. Other ways to get rid of fungal acne is wearing looser clothes and using more over the counter fungal acne treatments 

Folliculitis bumps on scalp 

There are various conditions that can cause bumps on scalp. One of them is folliculitis, which is a skin infection that causes damage to the hair follicles. Folliculitis bumps on scalp can appear in painful bumps on scalp and look similar to acne pustules. Folliculitis bumps on scalp are known as sore bumps on scalp, but you can also experience a more itchy scalp with bumps.

Bumps on Scalp

Folliculitis treatment 

The best folliculitis treatment for the scalp is to use a warm compress or anti-bacterial shampoo. You can use Neofollics' exfoliating shampoo to improve symptoms such as redness, flakes, bumps on scalp and dandruff.  

Scalp psoriasis & eczema 

Psoriasis is a skin condition, in which silvery scales develop in patches on your scalp. Sometimes these scales can feel bumpy to touch and they often itch. That’s why it creates an itchy scalp with bumps. You can treat this skin condition with the healthy scalp treatment of Neofollics. 

There are several types of eczema that can affect the scalp which include: atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and ringworm. It is possible that some of these eczemas cause bumps on scalp. That’s why you can combat them with a treatment that stimulates the health of your scalp. 

Healthy scalp treatment 

The best treatment for a healthy scalp without red bumps on scalp or painful bumps on scalp is the scalp treatment of Neofollics. This treatment consists out of an exfoliating shampoo and nourishing mask. Together they effectively combat dandruff, an itchy scalp with bumps, eczema and symptoms of psoriasis and folliculitis. 

The key ingredients in this treatment are: climbazole, piroctone olamine, witch hazel leaf extract, horse chestnut extract, geranium oil, panax ginseng, and lavender oil all of them with their own anti-microbial, anti-itching, anti-inflammation effects. 

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