Hormonal hair loss

Hormonal hair loss often appears in women. In fact, about 50 percent of women experience some form of noticeable hair loss. The most prominent form is female pattern hair loss, which affects approximately one-third of women. To understand which hormones in females and males cause hair loss it is important to understand the hair cycle.  

Understanding the Hair Cycle 

Adults lose about 50 to 150 strands of hair per day. Losing hairs is a natural part of the hair cycle. Some hairs fall out while others grow through different phases. The Anagen phase is the active hair growth period when new hairs start to grow from their hair follicles. After the growth phase, the hair starts to grow and goes to the telogen phase. This phase is a rest phase, and the hair has stopped growing. The last phase is the shedding phase. 

Hormonal hair loss can cause certain hairs to enter the shedding phase more quickly. The anagen phase gets shorter and shorter while the telogen phase gets longer. Eventually, there are fewer hairs to replace those that have fallen out, and baldness starts to appear.

Can Hormone imbalance cause hair loss 

Hormones and hair loss are connected in male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness, specifically dihydrotestosterone imbalances. This hormone is similar in structure to testosterone but is more potent. 

Dihydrotestosterone can attach to receptors on the hair follicles and make follicles shrink. As hair follicles shrink, they cannot support hair growth and hormonal hair loss because of a disruption in the hair cycle. 

The dihydrotestosterone increase can come from other things that affect hormonal balance, including menopause, stress, and underlying thyroid issues. 

What hormone causes hair loss in females 

Just like excess testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, an excess of estrogen can also trigger hormonal hair loss for some women. This gene is a variant that affects the functioning of an enzyme that processes estrogen. 

How do you stop hormonal hair loss? 

A treatment for hormonal hair loss is the best way to deal with male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. This treatment must be suitable for everyone that suffers from hormone imbalance hair loss and the treatment needs to improve the overall hair condition. Dermatologists recommend you use a powerful combination of 4 products that reinforce each other’s effect and work perfectly combined together. 

The products contain ingredients that inhibit dihydrotestosterone and other hormones that cause hair loss. The treatment for hormonal hair loss consists of the Neofollics Shampoo, Tablets, Lotion, and the scalp roller.  

We recommend you use the shampoo and lotion several times a week. You can combine the shampoo with a hair growth conditioner to enhance the absorption of hair growth stimulators to the scalp even better.  

Take the tablets after one or two meals a day and you can use the Neofollics Lotion in combination with the scalp roller to stimulate blood flow and circulation. 

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