Ketoconazole shampoo

Ketoconazole shampoo is a shampoo that people use for years now against seborrheic dermatitis. It can even help against androgenetic alopecia like other hair growth products. Although this type of shampoo has several advantages, there are also disadvantages that we will discuss in this article.

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What is ketoconazole and what does it?

Ketoconazole is a synthetic anti-fungal remedy that has been found in 1976. At first it was being used as an remedy against fungal infections on the skin, but later it became a remedy against seborrheic dermatitis, because it combats yeast cells growth that are responsible for seborrheic dermatitis.

A few years after the invention of ketoconazole research took place about baldness in combination with ketoconazole. In which, the ingredient turns out to be effective against androgenetic alopecia. This is hereditary baldness and also the most common form of hair loss. Because it combats the negative effects of the hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

There are also ingredients that have approximately the same effect as ketoconazole. This is, for example, an ingredient such as Piroctone Olamine that Neofollics uses in their hair growth stimulating shampoo. This ingredient is explained in more detail later in the text.

Side effects ketoconazole shampoo

Since 11 January 2011, Europe has changed the rules regarding this ingredient. Products containing ketoconazole may no longer be sold as cosmetic products, but only as medical products. This is because certain side effects may occur, especially with oral use. These side effects include:

  • Irritation of the skin, burning sensation, redness, dry skin.
  • Acne, taste disorders, irritated and watery eyes.
  • Oily, dry or brittle hair, hair loss and discolouration.
  • Hypersensitivity to this medicine. You will notice this by skin rashes, itching or hives.
  • Headache
  • Abnormal hair texture, scalp pustules

The chance of hard suffering from an side effect is not very high, but since there are quite a few side effects, it is still unpredictable, when using this product, to say that it is completely safe

Piroctone olamine in comparison with ketoconazole shampoo

Piroctone olamine is an ingredient that has the same effects as ketoconazole. In a study with 150 people they did compare ketoconazole with piroctone olamine. Below you can find the results of this study:



Piroctone Olamine

Decrease in the severity of hair loss




Hairs in anagen phase, which is the growth phase




Effect on the hair diameter increase




So the study shows that Piroctone Olamine scores in a number of areas better than ketoconazole. There are more hairs in the anagen phase, which means more hairs will stay longer and it gives more people thicker hair. Ketoconazole scores a bit better on the hair loss severity, but if you compare it with the possible side effects we recommend you to use piroctone olamine shampoos.

Piroctone Olamine

Keep in mind that, both ketoconazole as piroctone olamine are ingredients, which you can use against androgenetic alopecia, dandruff and other scalp conditions, such as itching.

Piroctone olamine shampoo

The Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo is the most effective shampoo to promote hair growth. In addition to the 12 hair growth stimulating ingredients, this shampoo is also nourishing. It soothes the scalp, is effective against dandruff and lays the foundation for healthy hair growth. In this shampoo the ingredient piroctone olamine is used and it is the best option to combat against hair loss.


Neofollics scalp therapy

If you suffer from scalp conditions it might be better to use the products of the scalp treatment. It is the most effective treatment for the improvement of the scalp. It consists out of an exfoliating shampoo and nourishing mask that combats dandruff, flakes and itching and is effective in scalp conditions such as Seborrheic Eczema and Psoriasis. The treatment gently exfoliates the scalp and removes impurities like dandruff and flakes. It contains a broad spectrum of ingredients with anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activity. At the same time the shampoo contains soothing natural oils to treat and calm the scalp.


Ketoconazole shampoo has positive and can have negative effects for your hair condition. It is a good remedy against hair loss, but other ingredients that are almost the same as ketoconazole such as piroctone olamine can also help you with your hair loss or scalp condition. For thicker hair and more growing hairs, piroctone has proven to be more effective than ketoconazole.

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