Microneedling Hair Loss

Microneedling is a treatment in which you can use a derma roller for hair growth. The hair growth roller makes tiny holes in your skin. These holes encourage the body to create a wound healing respons and renew the skin cells.  

In this article the following subjects will be discussed: 

  • Can microneedling worsen hair loss? 
  • Which derma roller for hair loss? 
  • Is microneedling hair loss effective? 
  • Does microneedling prevent hair loss? 
  • Microneedling hair loss treatment 
  • How often should you microneedle for hair loss? 

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Can microneedling worsen hair loss? 

It is possible to lose hairs by micro needling if you use the wrong size needle. You may further damage your stressed hair follicles. This depends on how far the needle penetrates in your skin and how sensitive your skin and hair follicles are. That is why you should use a safe derma roller for hair growth.  

Which derma roller for hair loss? 

The best dermaroller for hair growth activates and stimulates hair follicles. The roller for hair growth has 540 microscopic needles of 0,3mm that penetrate the skin painlessly. The roller is comfortable and easy to use and could be easily cleaned with alcohol after use.  

Is microneedling for hair loss effective? 

Microneedling gained its reputation as a scar treatment during the 1990s. Since then, it is used as treatment for androgeneic alopecia, hair thinning and alopecia areata. Microneedling can encourage your skin to make more collagen through the small cuts and respond of the skin. A new skin tissue is formed in tone and texture, which may help to make the skin firmer. 

Does microneedling prevent hair loss? 

If you are suffering from hair thinning or hair loss. You should really be aware of what benefits a derma roller for hair growth can have. Microneedling for hair loss can help thicken your hair and give you the appearance of a full head of hair. But you should be aware that only microneedling for hair loss does not combat the underlying cause of your hair loss.  

Microneedling hair loss treatment 

That’s why you can combine an effective derma roller for hair growth with a powerful lotion that effectively improves and stimulates hair growth. The best microneedling hair loss treatment that we recommend to you is a combination of three strong lotions based on 7% Neoxyl® and a dermaroller for hair growth. When you combine the lotion with the dermaroller for hair growth. The lotion is absorbed into the skin five times better. 

How often should you microneedle for hair loss? 

We suggest that you microneedle your scalp in the beginning a few times a week to get used to the feeling. After a month you can use the dermaroller of Neofollics once in 12 hours, allowing the Neofollics lotion to be absorbed properly and your scalp to rest and recover.  

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