Moustache Growth

Growing a moustache takes patience. Facial hair growth for men is mostly determined by genes. On average, facial hair growth for men grows at a rate of about 0.4mm a day when you are an adult. Increasing your mustache growth is possible by treating it the right way and preventing unnecessary hair loss.

In this article you will read everything you need to know about moustache growth. The following topics will be discussed: 

  • How to grow a mustache? 
  • Tips for growing a mustache 
  • What are the stages of moustache growth? 
 Neofollics Beard Growth products

How to grow a mustache? 

There are many different types of mustaches that you can grow. Facial hair growth for men happens in different patterns and ages. Learning how to grow a mustache is more than simply waiting and trimming your beard and moustache. It is possible to use a mustache growth kit, with the best mustache growth oils to help, but that’s not all.  

To grow a thicker mustache, you need to keep it healthy, nourished and the style that you want it. This might take a few minutes of your time daily, but helps you with a smooth appearance. For some people moustache growth is nearly impossible, because it is not in their DNA and genes to grow a thicker mustache.  

Tips for growing a mustache 

The best tips that we can give you to grow facial hair faster and especially for moustache growth, is that you should buy the right products. We can advise you to use the mustache growth kit of Neofollics. This kit exists out of the best mustache growth oils and a mustache roller. Together the products can help you to grow a thicker mustache and to grow facial hair faster.  

Other tips for growing a mustache are that you should shave carefully when you would like to address your mustache. The wrong shaving method can cause agony as irritation, bumps, ingrown hairs, redness and inflammation. Also, not maintaining a healthy mustache or beard could potentially lead to beard dandruff and that is something that you need to prevent to grow facial hair faster and healthier. 

What are the stages of moustache growth? 

Moustache growth goes through several stages before it is fully grown. The first stage is the first week to grow a thicker mustache. In this stage you should stop using a razor in your normal routine. This way, your mustache can expand further and hairs can grow thicker. 

The second stage you will be likely to get beard itch. The second week of growth is the week where irritation starts and facial hair growth for men starts to lead to itchiness. Using a mustache growth kit can help to decrease this unpleasantness. 

The third stage is at around 3 to 4 weeks. The 1 month mustache growth is over and your moustache might have grown up to 1 cm. The 1 month moustache growth leads to thicker and longer hair and now you can see the possible potential of not shaving or trimming your moustache. In this stage, facial hair may also sadly look a bit awkward. As much, as we would like to grow every hair in the good direction, this sadly does not happen. In some regions, you will notice facial hair growth for men way thicker than other regions. But you should not give up on your mustache and in this phase, you can potentially use the best mustache growth oils, like this beard growth serumto grow facial hair faster and healthier. 

The last stage is about cutting your mustache the way you want it. This is most likely after 5 to 8 weeks. You can style and shape the mustache to your desire. Whether you would like to maintain this length or wait a bit longer. It is up to you. To keep your mustache healthy, it is highly advisable to use a moustache growth kit to keep the hair follicles activated and nourished. 

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