PCOS Hair Loss

PCOS hair loss is a common hormone disorder that can cause hirsutism. Hirsutism is a condition that affects about 5 to 10 percent of women and tends to run in families. It causes excessive hair growth on the face and body. But that’s not all because PCOS can also cause hair thinning and balding. This is referred to female pattern hair loss. 

In this article, we explain what PCOS hair loss is, how it happens, and what you can do about it. The following topics are covered: 

  • Why does PCOS hair loss happen? 
  • What type of hair loss does PCOS cause? 
  • Does hair loss from PCOS grow back? 
  • How do you stop hair loss from PCOS? 

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Why does PCOS hair loss happen? 

Polycystic overary syndrome hair loss (PCOS) happens because the female body produces male hormones, called androgens. These androgens can trigger puberty and stimulate hair growth in the underarms and pubic areas.  

PCOS and hair loss can be linked together by these androgens. Polycystic ovary syndrome hair loss can happen due to the androgens, especially testosterone. In PCOS hair loss you can find shedding hair more daily. There may be more hair on your clothes or pillowcase than normal. 

Pregnant women with PCOS need to be alert for possible complications. There is an increased risk of PCOS hair loss during pregnancy, miscarriage, and gestational diabetes. You can prevent try to prevent the risk by maintaining healthy and limiting the amount of weight gain before pregnancy. 

What type of hair loss does PCOS cause? 

PCOS hair loss can come in the form of balding and hair thinning. PCOS hair thinning due to androgens is called androgenetic alopecia. This type of hair loss is possible to treat with the right treatment and caring routine for your hair.  

Does hair loss from PCOS grow back? 

Hairs that you lose from PCOS balding or PCOS hair thinning won’t grow back fast on its own. But there is a possibility that with a treatment you may be able to stimulate new hair growth and combat further polycystic ovary syndrome hair loss.  

How do you stop hair loss from PCOS? 

To stop PCOS hair loss you can do several things. A medical treatment might help, hair growth enhancers might work, hair transplants, but the best way to do it is to combat polycystic ovary syndrome hair loss with a PCOS hair loss treatment. 

An effective PCOS hair loss treatment exists out of products that contain high-quality ingredients to stimulate hair growth. This are ingredients such as: Zinc, Biotin, 7% Neoxyl®, Ecklonia Cava and Raspberry Ketone.  

The PCOS hair loss treatment is divided into four products which are: the best shampoo for PCOS hair loss, a hair growth stimulating lotion, PCOS hair loss supplements, and a blood flow enhancing scalp roller. 

Firstly, the PCOS hair loss shampoo works effectively against PCOS hair loss, androgenetic alopecia. It contains 12 hair growth stimulating ingredients and soothes the scalp against dandruff and other impurities. The best shampoo for PCOS hair loss is suitable for every man and woman (18+) that is searching for an effective PCOS hair loss treatment. 

Secondly, the shampoo for PCOS hair loss is easy to combine with a hair growth stimulating lotion based on 7% Neoxyl® and other scientifically proven ingredients to stimulate hair growth. Neoxyl is an Minoxidil-alternative that has a similar effect and less side-effects.  

Thirdly, PCOS hair loss supplements are important for the foundation of healthy hair growth and contain many vitamins, nutrients and minerals which are necessary for healthy nutrition of the hair.  

Lastly, a product which you can combine easily in your PCOS hair loss treatment with the lotion is the Neofollics Hair Enhancing Scalp Roller. The dermaroller can activate non-active hair follicles and has 540 microscopical small needles which penetrate the skin painlessly. It enhances blood flow in the scalp and makes it possible for the scalp to absorb more nutrients and stimulate the hair follicles more effectively.  

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