Rogain Alternative

There used to be no natural alternatives to Rogaine. But nowadays there are more and more alternatives to Rogaine. One of these Rogaine alternatives is the hair growth complex Neoxyl®. In this article you will read everything you need to know about this Rogaine alternative and the effects of it on your hair. The following topics will be discussed: 

  • What is the best alternative to Rogaine? 
  • Scientific proof of the best Rogaine alternative 
  • Neoxyl vs Rogaine 
Neofollics hair growth lotion

What is a good alternative to Rogaine? 

Neoxyl® is a very effective alternative to Rogaine. This Rogaine alternative contains three important hair growth molecules called Adenosine, Aminexil, and Vividine. 
Vividine: strengthens hair growth by stimulating the potassium channel opening. This causes hair to enter the growth phase faster and longer. In addition, it also has a positive effect on the blood supply to the hair follicles, allowing nutrients to reach the hair follicle better. 
Aminexil: reduces hair loss by preventing the hardening of collagen around the hair root. 
Adenosine: can provide improved hair growth on the scalp.  

These hair growth molecules are an effective Rogaine alternative without side-effects. Furthermore, Neoxyl® consists also out of several plant extracts that inhibit the production of certain hormones that can cause hair loss.  

Scientific proof of the Rogaine alternative 

This Rogaine alternative is clinically proven in several scientific studies. Neoxyl® is contained in Neofollics lotion and is proven to have a positive effect on hair growth. A long term study on users with hair loss shows, that this Rogaine alternative can reduce hair loss and increase hair density. 92% of the users reported seeing improvement in their hair growth and hair loss. 

Neoxyl vs Rogaine 

There are several advantages of Neoxyl® as alternative to Rogaine, that’s why we recommend you use the Neofollics lotion 

  • Neofollics is 41% more effective than Rogaine on the growth of dermal papilla cells. 
  • The lotion absorbs quickly into the scalp and is non-greasy. 
  • It is a water-based solution, that does not contain solvents such as Propylene glycol, unlike Rogaine. This is better for the overall health of your scalp because propylene glycol can make hair dry and brittle 
  • Neoxyl®, as Rogaine alternative has fewer side effects than Rogaine itself. The most common side-effects of Rogaine are acne, burning of scalp, increased hair loss, inflammation, or soreness at rot of hair, reddened skin and swelling of face.  

The Rogaine alternative is available by Neofollics in the form of a smooth lotion 

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