Telogen effluvium

Telogen effluvium is a form of diffuse hair loss, most common among women. It appears in two types of forms, the acute form and chronic form. In this article you can read what telogen effluvium is and why your hair falls off. Make sure to read it if you want the best treatment against your telogen effluvium condition.

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Acute form of telogen effluvium

The acute form of telogen effluvium, is often caused by stressful situations. The cells in your body often are delayed and a lot of hairs will transform from the anagen phase in the catagenic phase. Examples of this stressful situations are the birth of your child, high fever caused by an infection, surgery under general anaesthesia, bleeding including blood donation and a severe restriction of food intake. Whether emotional stress can be a cause of telogen effluvium is not yet scientifically proven.                                

Due to the different phases of your hair growth, it can take 2 to 5 months for hair loss to become visible. Almost all woman that become pregnant experience this, but not all of them notice it. In about 1 out of 3 of the patients no cause is found for the hair loss.

Chronic form of telogen effluvium

The chronic form of telogen effluvium is one that can reoccur. Your hair loss is chronic if it lasts longer than 6 months. Often there is an identifiable cause of chronic hair loss, but in 30% of cases the cause is unclear. Mostly women than suffer from a painful scalp.

Of the women where a cause can be indicated, below you can find the causes according to dermatologists:

  • Dietary deficiencies; including lack of Biotin, Selenium, Iron and proteins.
  • Hormonal issues; for example androgenetic alopecia, diabetes and thyroid diseases.
  • Systemic diseases; such as chronic renal failure, HIV/aids, liver failure and syphilis.
  • Chronic skin diseases; such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and different eczema types.
  • Medicines and food supplements; certain medicines and food supplements can cause telogen effluvium


Hair growth stages

Hair loss is due to a clinical process in which the growth phase (anagen phase), the transitional phase (catagenic phase) and the resting phase (telogen phase) cause the hair to fall out. When this happens a new hair is already present in the hair follicle, so the process starts all over again. The growth phase on the scalp lasts 4 to 6 years with a growth rate of 0,35 mm to 1 cm per month. The transitional phase lasts about two weeks and the resting phase about four months. On average an adult loses about 50 to 100 hairs per 24 hours. If you find accumulations of hair in your comb or in the shower drain than you are dealing with excess hair loss.

Hair Growth Cycle

    How to treat telogen effluvium

    Telogen effluvium is hairloss due to stress. Normally there is a chance that over the long run your hair will grow back. But if you want to treat your hair condition as fast as possible, than you should follow the steps below:

    • A gentle handling of the hair, avoiding over-vigorous combing, brushing and any kind of scalp massage.
    • Treat your underlying scalp disorder or hormonal problem efficiently. Also, make sure to not use products with medicines such as; minoxidil or immune globulins. These products can lead to extra hair loss. (Minoxidil vs Neofollics), that is one of the reasons why we don’t use them in Neofollics products.
    • Ensure a nutritious diet, with plenty of protein, fruit and vegetables.
    • Correct any abnormality in thyroid function, or levels of vitamin B12, iron and folic acid.
    • Use products in your hair that help stimulate a healthy hair growth, and have proven to be effective and nutrient products.

    Healthy hair products against telogen effluvium

    Products that work efficient against telogen effluvium are the products of Neofollics.
    The hair growth supporting tablets of Neofollics work in a dose of 1/3 tablets per day. And the package contains 100 tablets, that have effective ingredients and other vitamins, that counteract the form of DHT in the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth and a nourishing scalp. In addition this product contains Biotin and Selenium. Products that are good for your hair and scalp condition and contribute to your health. Hair Growth Supporting tablets

    A few other products that can help your combat against hair loss are shampoos, lotions, conditioners and serums. The ingredients of these products can help with the removal of DHT. Where most companies use Minoxidil, which has several side-effects, the products of Neofollics have proved to be healthy overall as well as for the scalp as for your hair.

    Neofollics hair growth stimulating conditioner

    Find more about the products on

    So products that help combat against telogen effluvium are products with a nourishing base that have a healthy effect on your hair and scalp condition. Neofollics has a treatment with seggregated products, that stimulate your hair growth through the active ingredients and they help you to combat against hair loss. Read more about this treatment on this link treatment of telogen effluvium

    Clinical studies results of the Telogen Effluvium treatment

    The telogen effluvium treatment is tested by several people and has good clinical study results. 

    Telogen Effluvium study results

    As you can see above more than 90% have been satisfied against their hair loss condition. This means that their hair did grow back, with the telogen effluvium treatment of Neofollics. It is also effective against thinning hair and several scalp conditions such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.


    Against telogen effluvium is an effective treatment. Telogen effluvium is hair loss due to stress and can be very disturbing in your daily life. That is why we advice you to treat is as fast as possible.

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