The curly girl method | Bowl method for curly hair

The curly girl method is an approach for women to get curly hair. It is designed by author Lorraine Massey and can be used for natural hair that has not been chemically relaxed. For, healthy hair it is important to use healthy hair care products that keep your scalp healthy and can help you to have beautiful coils, waves, and curls without ugly impurities.  

Another way for curly girls to get beautiful curls is the bowl method for curly hair. This is a really simple and effective curly hair method by simply using a bowl of water to rinse off your conditioner.

In this article you will read everything you need to know to be a curly girl, with beautiful curls or waves in your hair. We also discuss the question if the curly girl method always works and what you can do if it does not work for you.  
The following topics will be discussed: 

  • What is the curly girl method? 
  • Who is the curly girl method for? 
  • How does the curly girl method work? 
  • How long does the curly girl method take? 
  • How to follow the curly girl method? 
  • What are the curly girl method rules? 
  • How to do the curly girl method for wavy hair? 
  • Can the curly girl method work on straight hair? 
  • Does the curly girl method work on permed hair? 
  • What is the curly girl method for black hair? 
  • Does the curly girl method cause hair loss? 
  • Why the curly girl method is bad? 
  • When the curly girl method doesn’t work 


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What is the curly girl method? 

The curly girl hair method is a term that is introduced by author Lorraine Massey. The curly girl method book is a book that has daily routines for different curl types. Essentially, it is based on the believe that you need to avoid using damaging habits that happen with many curly care routines. Such as using harsh shampoos and over utilizing heat styling. The curly girl, in other words CGM method focuses itself on cleansing, conditioning, and natural hair styling. 

Who is the curly girl method for? 

Now you may be wondering who the curly girl method is actually for. Well anyway the name says it all the curly hair method is mainly for women who want curls. But do you need a special CGM hair style? 

Sadly, the answer to this question is yes. Only with wavy, curly or coily hairstyles it is possible that the curly girl method works. This is because of the hair texture something we will discuss in more detail later in this article.  

Even if you have curly hair, it does not immediately mean that the CGM method works equally well for everyone. Your hair type is very individual, and some people have stronger hair than others. It is also possible that your hair might be more vulnerable that other hair types or that your scalp is sensitive.  

How does the curly girl method work? 

The curly girl method hair products are strictly without any sulphates, silicones, and parabens. It is a hair care method that doesn’t want you to have harmful habits because this is bad for your overall hair condition and can in some cases lead to hair loss. A treatment that can prevent many types of hair loss and ensures the stimulation of beautiful and healthy hair growth is the Neofollics’ treatment for beautiful and healthy hair. 

This treatment bans chemicals and bad ingredients for your hair by giving you the opportunity to experience a vegan and natural treatment to stimulate hair growth and to gently clean your hair. The treatment is rich in nourishment of your hair and scalp and improves the overall condition. 

How long does the curly girl method take? 

The curly girl hair method takes approximately 6 weeks to see results. Usually, you can expect the first curly girl results almost immediately after starting the routine. First of all, the hair comes more moisturized, less frizzy, and more voluminous. This can happen in one day or in a week time. 

Make sure that you persist using products with bad and harsh chemicals while waiting for results. Using a curly girl method shampoo or curly girl method conditioner can help you to comfort yourself. Finally, after 1-3 years, you will find excellent results especially if you have used curly girl method friendly products. 

The curly girl method before and after photo will look significantly different and each year you should maintain to use healthy products for your scalp and hair to keep them nourished and exfoliated.   

How to follow the curly girl method? 

The curly hair method for natural hair consist out of three main steps. These steps vary slightly based on hair type, as the curly girl method wavy hair might differ in the way to approach it. 

Step 1: Cleanse 

Firstly, avoid over-bearing sulphates by using a shampoo based on natural ingredients, gently massage this shampoo into your entire scalp to enhance healthy hair growth and to reduce residue. 

Only use your fingertips, not the nails to rinse your hair. Your nails might damage your scalp. This non-sulphate shampoo can be used 3-4 times a week and helps to avoid build ups and hair loss. Condition your hair each time after you used the shampoo with a curly girl method leave-in conditioner.  

Step 2: Condition 

Secondly, use a smooth natural conditioner for all your hair sections. A conditioner can help to make your hair stronger, healthier and shinier. After washing your hair with a shampoo, you can apply the conditioner to your hair and leave it in for five minutes before washing it off because a curly girl leave-in conditioner needs to have time to completely nourish the scalp. After five minutes wash your hair thoroughly.  

The only thing we do not recommend is to use a curly girl method deep conditioner when you are pregnant.  

Step 3: Style your hair 

After you applied the shampoo and conditioner, you can start to dry and style your hair. You can use the curly girl method plop. To shorten the drying time of your hair. If you’re ready to give your hair, it’s best curly girl method plopping than you can watch videos about it on the web. 

To dry your hair, you can use the curly girl t shirt method by wrapping the shirt all over your head. Tie the ends to make sure everything is secured and leave this on your head for at least 20 minutes. The curly girl t shirt wrap will absorb the wetness in your hair without weighing down your curls. 

The question ‘how to curly girl method’, can be answered in several ways. The most important thing remains the use of the curly girl method products. Which are healthy and without parabens, silicones, or sulphates. After that you can decide on your own how you want to style your hair and what tools you want to use for it. You can customize your hair type with unique styling preferences after you have dried your hair.  

What are the curly girl method rules? 

The most important rules for the modified curly girl method and the normal curly girl method natural hair are:  

  • Say no to sulphates! 
  • No to silicones, and all the other ingredients that contain the word “cone” 
  • No heat styling 
  • No towel drying, (but use the curly girl method t shirt) 
  • No dumping crazy amount of hair products 
  • Learn your curl type and porosity 
  • Use wide tooth combs 

How to do the curly girl method for wavy hair? 

The curly girl method wavy hair makes your waves more defined and even more wavy, but it won’t change your entire hair type to a new one. Your hair will not transform, but it will get healthier. Wavy hair has different needs than curly hair. These differences mainly have to do with the natural oils the scalp produces, and how easily they travel from the scalp to the ends of the hair.  

The wavy girl method, which is in some ways different than the curly girl method. In the wavy girl method, you can brush your hair without risk of hair breakage. Make sure you do this before applying a healthy conditioner, otherwise you are likely to comb out your waves. 

The results of the curly girl method wavy hair before and after, or wavy girl method depending on how you name can also improve if you use mousse instead of hair gel. This leads to less build up and when you apply it carefully to your scalp the results will be fantastic.

Can the curly girl method work on straight hair? 

In short, yes, the curly girl method can work for straight hair. Although you won’t be able to magically get phenomenal curls overnight by doing nothing. Some aspects though like not using sulphates, parabens or silicones in your daily hair care routine can help your hair to get healthier and shinier. Which is why many curly girl method reviews being positive over the long-term. 

Does the curly girl method work on permed hair? 

Depending on your timing it is possible to get your permed hair curly. Make sure you use good styling techniques or visit a hair stylist for more advice. You need to give your hair the time to get curly, otherwise it can look frizzy or not curly enough, what can result in limp or losing your waves. Depending on your hair length, getting a perm should take around two to three hours.

Be aware that taking a perm can weaken and dry hair strands. When you have vulnerable hair, you should not use it if you want to avoid brittle hair and even breakage. 

What is the curly girl method for black hair? 

The curly girl method for black hair does not differ from other hair colours. It is possible that some people with black hair experience hair follicles that are more oval in shape and can easier cause curly hair to grow. An example is a hair texture that is very common in people that have African ancestry, which is a nearly flat, ribbon-like hair follicle structure. 

Does the curly girl method cause hair loss? 

In the plop curly girl method or curly girl t shirt wrap, there should not be any significant hair loss. Because it is usually a side effect that is a sign of something more serious. If you notice more hair clumps than normal it is possible that you suffer from a certain type of hair loss. This is usually not due to the curly girl method but still can be a sign of something unpleasant. We recommend you check out the causes of excessive hair fall on this page, and to start a treatment for your condition to protect your hairstyle for further hair loss. 

Why the curly girl method is bad? 

Some curly girl method reviews are sometimes not so positive about the curly girl method than other reviews. This has a number of reasons that we cover for you. First of all, every hair type and hair texture is different, so this explains why some people experience beautiful curls in a few weeks while others struggle to see the result that they would have wished. 

According to the curly girl method using shampoo is not as healthy for your scalp as you might think. But this is a fable, because many scientific studies have shown nowadays that shampoo can be necessary for natural hair and for hair growth. Also, co-washing and only using a conditioner is not sufficient enough to truly clarify your hair. For that you need a shampoo to replenish our hair with moisture. Shampoo can also be critical for a healthy scalp. When the balance on your scalp is disrupted, you are likely to experience inflammation or flaking. A shampoo can help to combat these conditions and clean it without overly stripping it.

When the curly girl method doesn’t work 

If you feel that the Curly girl hair method is not working, and your curls aren’t forming. Then you can use the curly hair bowl method or when you have wavy hair, ‘the bowl method for wavy hair’. 
The bowl method curly hair is a viral method on TikTok, in which many people say it is the secret to styling frizz-free curls. But it is not a quick fix at all, because it is quite time-consuming and definitely not for the impatient people among us. The curly hair bowl method follow a pattern. 

  1. Wash your hair with an effective shampoo and conditioner. 
  2. Apply a leave-in conditioner and curl cream. 
  3. Brush through your hair 
  4. Dunk the front of your hair into a bowl of water 
  5. Lift your head up 
  6. Squeeze the product back into a bowl 
  7. And repeat the process. 

Whether this process works for you or not. You can always try it as an alternative to the curly girl method. The basic for curly hair remains the same, namely a good healthy shampoo and conditioner that will ensure your hair and scalp to stay healthy. So, you can enjoy a good bunch of curls on your head for as long as possible 

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