Uneven Hairline

An uneven hairline is not a pleasant experience. The asymmetrical hairline often develops because of hair loss along the scalp. There are several causes that might give you a crooked hairline. This can be due to genetics, pulling of the hair, hair transplantation, a fungus, or stress.  

In this article you will read everything you need to know about fixing an uneven hairline. The following topics will be discussed: 

  • Uneven hairline female 
  • Uneven hairline male 
  • Fix my uneven hairline 

Uneven hairline female 

An asymmetrical hairline is not typically a sign of health concern. There are several causes for an asymmetrical hairline which need several treatments. When your asymmetrical hairline is caused by stress, it might progress to further baldness. That’s why you need to prevent as much stress as you can in your daily lifestyle.  

An asymmetrical hairline, if resulting from genetics, can also be one of the earliest stages of balding, as time goes on you might develop severe baldness when you do nothing to try and stop this. That’s why you should try to stimulate and activate your hair follicles to grow again on places where an uneven receding hairline is visible. You can do this by using a gentle shampoo that stimulates non-activated hair follicles to grow. 

Uneven hairline male 

When you are a male, and you suffer from an uneven or crooked hairline it is also possible to follow the tips of preventing stress and using a gentle shampoo. In addition, to this it also might help to live healthier and take more healthy vitamins and nutrients in your body. You should take a diet with biotin, proteins, zinc, and iron to prevent hair loss from deficiencies. 

A crooked hairline can also be caused by a hair transplant, that has gone wrong. You might suffer then from a crooked hairline with hairs that do not grow back out themselves. That is why you should be aware you should treat your hair carefully. 

Fix my uneven hairline 

To fix your uneven hairline, it is possible to take medications such as Minoxidil, finasteride or Neoxyl®. We recommend using Neoxyl® to potentially bring your hairline back to normal. This hair growth complex consists out of hair growth molecules and plant extracts that effectively stimulate your hair to grow. You can put the 7% Neoxyl® lotion of Neofollics on the scalp at places where your hairline is uneven, and hairs are not effectively growing. The best way to treat an asymmetrical hairline is by using a treatment that combats all possible causes.  


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