Neofollics treatment for beard growth

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Description Neofollics treatment for beard growth

The Neofollics treatment for beard growth is the most advanced treatment to stimulate beard growth. This Neofollics treatment consists of the Neofollics Beard Growth Serum, the Neofollics Beard growth Roller and the Neofollics Hair Growth Tablets.The Serum has 10 active stimulating ingredients, giving the non-activated beard follicles an extra stimulus to grow. The beard serum soothes the skin and activates the beard follicles to make healthy beard growth. In combination with the beard roller the serum is absorbed 5 times better. The tablets will support the beard growth from the inside by provide the hair follicles with the much needed nutrients.

How your beard growth is stimulated

Theis treatment is a powerful treatment that stimulates and activates beard growth in multiple ways. The treatment makes it possible to develop incipient beard growth and to stimulate further beard growth. This way every man can grow a beautiful, full and healthy beard.

In most cases, the uncovered areas within the beard line are non-activated hair follicles that causes the beard to be incomplete. Based on scientific studies and recent developments, the treatment for beard growth has been launched, packed with scientifically proven, active and stimulating ingredients. 

Contents of this treatment

This treatment consist of the Neofollics Beard Growth Serum combined with the Neofollics Beard Growth stimulating roller and the Neofollics Hair Growth Tablets.

For who is this Neofollics treatment?

The Neofollics treatment for beard growth is suitable for every man (18+) who want to effectively improve and stimulate beard growth.

Suitable product with
  • Little to no beard growth
  • bald spots in the beard area
  • non-activated hair follicles in the beard area
  • Growing a fuller beard
The experiences with this Neofollics treatment

Many men experience positive effects after using the Neofollics treatment for beard growt. The majority of users see the first results after using this Neofollics treatment after three months.

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An advice based on your answers

Based on the information you provided, it's clear that you're determined to stimulate your beard growth and achieve the beard you've always desired. You want to address the issue of a patchy beard and improve your overall beard situation. Our experts have curated a specialized treatment consisting of a beard growth serum, dermaroller and tablets. This comprehensive approach aims to stimulate and support effective beard growth. 

A treatment suitable for your situation

Neofollics provides you with a personal treatment that helps you to effectively support beard growth. This treatment is put together by experts and has 100.000+ positive users. 

  • Dermatologically tested and clinically proven
  • The treatment consists of a Serum, Tablets and a Dermaroller
  • Consists a treatment that will last up to 45 days
1. Use the beardroller

Gently apply the beard roller onto the skin with light pressure. Wait a minimum of 12 hours before applying the Beard Growth Stimulating Serum.

2. Apply the serum

1-2 pumps per side is sufficient for the cheek area. 1 pump is sufficient for the chin and mustache. 

3. Take the tablets

Take the recommended dosage of 2 tablets per day with a meal.

Start to promote healthy beard growth 

Introducing the Neofollics Beard Growth Treatment, a powerful solution for improving and stimulating beard growth. The treatment includes the advanced Beard Serum with 10 active ingredients and the Beard Growth Supporting Tablets. The serum promotes beard growth, soothes the skin, and activates follicles. The tablets stimulate facial hair growth for a thicker, fuller beard. Suitable for all men (18+) and easy to use with no side effects. Unlock the potential of your beard with the Neofollics Beard Growth Treatment.

Beard Growth Stimulating Serum

The Neofollics Beard Serum is the most advanced Serum to promote beard growth. With 10 active  ingredients, giving the non-activated beard follicles an extra stimulus to grow.


Beard Growth Supporting Tablets

The Neofollics Beard Growth Supporting Tablets are formulated to stimulate facial hair growth, resulting in a thicker and fuller beard. 


Beard Growth Enhancing Roller

The Neofollics Beard Growth Stimulating Roller is the most advanced beard roller that activates and stimulates beard growth in multiple ways.


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Our story and the vision of Neofollics

Maik van den Berg, founder of Neofollics, suffered from hair loss years ago. A referral to the dermatologist did not bring a solution.

This is where the search began for a treatment that could actually do something. In his own battle with hair loss, Maik discovered that many products on the market claim to have the solution to combat hair loss. However, many of these products are of inferior quality with low dosage and give insufficient results. A major reason for this is that active ingredients that promote hair growth are expensive, so many producers use low concentrations. Pharmaceutical products with a proven effect often have serious side effects, so they are not used for a long enough period of time.

The lack of honest, effective and user-friendly means of promoting hair growth prompted Maik to work with a team of specialists to develop products that would meet the needs of millions of people with hair problems. The result is Neofollics Hair Technology.

Neofollics uses state-of-the-art production facilities in the Netherlands (EU), which exceed even the strictest European rules and regulations. We set the strictest quality requirements when purchasing our raw materials and production.