Greasy hair

Greasy hair is a condition that can lead to an uncomfortable position in your daily life. It can make you feel self-conscious and especially it can be hard, if you don’t know how to control it. We understand that you want to feel yourself, comfortable and healthy. That is why in this blog we offer you a preparation guide for in the future if you have to combat against greasy hair or if you have problems with your scalp or hair in the present, which can be treated with scalp treatments.

Causes for greasy and oily hair

The oils in your hair come from sebaceous glands attached to each hair follicle. These glands produce an oily substance that is called sebum. The sebum travels up the hair follicle to moisturize the skin and hair.

When these glands are not functioning normally, it is possible that problems with your hair and skin arise. Too much sebum could lead to greasy hair, acne and Seborrheic dermatitis. Most of the time hormones can cause your sebaceous glands to make an overload of sebum. That is why teenagers often suffer from acne or oily skin. Women during pregnancy or menstruation may also notice an oily feeling to the skin, because they also make hormones (Healthline, 2019).

The type of hair that a person has, can also affect how greasy your hair becomes. Straight or fine hair is more likely to become greasy than curly or thick hair. This is because sebum from the scalp can more easily cover the whole strand of hair if it is straight or thin.

Oily hair can also come from towels, hairbrushes and hats/scarfs. Because, there is a possibility these products can pick up sebum from the scalp. That is why you need to wash these products after using them otherwise your hair may become greasier.

Also, some evidence suggests that environmental factors may effect hair and scalp health. An interesting study (2015) found out that air pollution was causing an oily scalp in people that live along cities that have a big pollution rate.

Treatment against greasy hair

There are a few ways to treat your greasy hair immediately. The most common and best way to treat greasy hair is to use an shampoo, that is healthy for your hair and use this regularly. A sufficient way to treat it is shampooing your hair one time every day. Washing more than one time per day could lead the glands to overreact and produce more oil, which is not good for the hair.

Scalp therapy products

Here you can find the Neofollics Treatment for healthy scalp.

The best shampoo for greasy hair is a shampoo designed to clean the scalp and hair without adding extra moisture. If dandruff or Seborrheic eczema is contributing the scalp and hair. Than you should try the scalp therapy exfoliating shampoo of Neofollics. This shampoo contains key ingredients, that remove sebum build up, reduce dandruff and flaking, balance microbial activity, decrease inflammation and redness, nourish the scalp and prevent your scalp from irritation or itching.

It is a shampoo specifically designed to combat these conditions and is a vegan product. 95% of the users are satisfied by their results and 92% report an overall scalp improvement after 28 days.

With this shampoo your greasy hair is likely to disappear because the sebum build up in your scalp removes. The glands than could function normal again and several scalp conditions can disappear. Your hair and scalp will be healthy again and the greasy hair disappears.

Another conditions that can appear on your scalp

Greasy hair is one of the conditions where you might suffer from. But if you are not certain, than you should have a look at other conditions that might cause the condition of your hair.

Dandruff is one off the conditions that might look similar as greasy hair. But with dandruff it is clear that flakes appear. When you see small white flakes in your hair. Also, itching of the hair might appear. This can be due to an infection of the scalp. The solution for these conditions is the scalp treatment a product that has proven to be effective in studies.  

Results of the study about Scalp Therapy Line

Below you can find the results of the study about the scalp treatment of Neofollics. This treatment is developed for the best possible treatment for your scalp, when you suffer from dandruff, psoriasis, lichen planopilarus, seborrheic dermatitis or an infection on the scalp.

Study Scalp Treatment of Neofollics

As you can see more than 90% of the 90 people that have been tested, have seen significant results. The people suffer from mild to severe scalp conditions, for a period of 28 days they have observed their hair condition. 92% of the users experience overall improvement of scalp health. And more than 93% sees a reduction in itching and irritation of the scalp. 

Example of 'The Scalp Therapy Line of Neofollics'

An example of a happy customer shows us the results after using the scalp therapy products of Neofollics for 28 days. In this example you can see that the Seborrheic dermatitis has disappeared and that the hair looks softer and healthy again. 

Before and after scalp line

(Woman 29, experiencing seborrheic dermatitis, itching and flaking.)

Products that can also help you combat against greasy hair and hair loss are other Neofollics products. These products mainly focus on growing healthy hair and reducing hair loss. But, these products also remove sebum build-up and flakes, which is effective against greasy hair, flaking of the scalp and redness. 

Hair Growth Stimulating LotionHair Growth Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo

Here you can find the Neofollics Hair growth Stimulating lotion.

How to use the products for greasy hair

When you suffer from greasy hair it is important to shampoo your hair daily. Shampooing to little or too much can contribute to greasy hair. The best way to solve this problem, is to find a routine. We advise you to use our shampoo in the shower every day. The lotion you can also use around that time, and be sure to add it gentle and carefully to your scalp. Preventing scratching or rubbing, because that can worsen the situation, allowing eczemas to enter the scalp.


Greasy hair is a condition that you can treat with a treatment for a healthy scalp. 

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