Ludwig scale

The Ludwig scale is a system for determining the extent of female pattern baldness. In the Ludwig scale there are three main stages: 

  • Type 1: Indicating initial signs of balding
  • Type 2: Moderate hair loss
  • Phase 3: Extensive hair loss

People use this scale widely to identify the degree of hair loss as to determine an effective treatment for your hair condition. There is also a scale for men and male hair loss called the norwood scale and further there is the savin scale for female hair loss.

In this article we help you determine the severity of your hair condition and give you solutions for your condition. 

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Type 1

In phase 1 your hair starts thinning at the top of the head. There is some thinning on the crown which might is not noticeable. Some people might be able to spot signs of thinning in this stage.

This stage can be can be remedied by using different hairstyle techniques to hide the hair loss. In this phase we advice you to use products that can help to prevent further thinning. 

There is a treatment that can help against the thinning of your hair and that is the special designed Neofollics treatment for thinning hair. This treatment prevents thinning and improves the overall condition of your hair. It is a powerful combination of a Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo and Hair Growth Supporting Tablets that contain many nutrients. 

Type 2

There is noticeable hair loss and the scalp is visible. This type is moderate and noticeable. The hair will not only feel and look thinner, there is also an increase of shedding as well. Another sign of moderate hair loss is that your hair doesn't style the way it is used to. From a loss of in volume to a wider part, you may notice that your hair just isn’t looking like it used to and is harder to style. In the middle of your hairline you experience baldness and your scalp is visible. 

Treatments that help against moderate hair loss a combination of the Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo, Hair Growth Stimulating Lotion and Hair Growth Supporting Tablets is powerful and effective for your battle against moderate hair loss. 

Type 3

In Type 3 of the Ludwig Scale the hair on your scalp is significantly reduced on the top of the head and crown. This is the most severe type of hair loss of the Ludwig scale. The scalp is very noticeable because the hair that is left is very thin and do not conceal the scalp anymore. 

When you reach this type of hair loss it is wise to do something about it right away to prevent you from going completely bald. Noticing the first signs of balding is a way better to prevent hair loss. When you early notice hair loss it is easier to prevent overall hair loss.

This type of hair loss is possible to treat with an advanced hair loss treatment. These consists out of the Neofollics Hair growth Stimulating Shampoo, Hair Growth Stimulating Conditioner, Hair Growth Stimulating Lotion and Hair Growth Supporting Tablets. In combination this products can combat against many types of hair loss and effectively stimulate new hairs to grow. 

Signs of hair loss

Noticing the first signs of baldness and severe hair loss is important to prevent it in the future. Common signs of balding in women include:

  • Overall thinning
  • Bald spots that are circular or patchy
  • Widening of hair part
  • Increase in hair coming out when you sleep, shower and brush your hair
  • An stressfull event or trauma
  • Hormonal changes

Some women lose their hair due to an stressfull event or a trauma. Hair can fall out easily and in your comb or shower you will find lots of hair. When using the right products to reduce this hair loss, you can prevent complete baldness.

Norwood scale

The Norwood Scale is a scale for men that suffer from male-pattern baldness. This scale is based out of 7 phases in which the last phase the hair is very thin and the scalp is visible. If you want to read more about the Norwood scale you can read this article.

Savin scale

The Savin scale is designed for women that suffer from hair loss. It is similar to the Ludwig scale and has three main phases but several subphases.

Ludwig scale

Woman Before and after Neofollics treatment


In this example it is clear to see that this women is in phase 2 of the Ludwig Scale. After using a Neofollics treatment the hair loss was reduced to the first stage.


The Ludwig scale is a scale for women hair loss. There are three main phases in this scale. We advise when you notice that you have hair loss to use products that can treat it as soon as possible

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