Male pattern baldness genetics

Hair loss is something that occurs in both men and women. In this article we zoom in on male pattern baldness genetics. Genetics play an important role by hair loss, we zoom in on Androgenetic Alopecia, which is male pattern baldness and the best treatment against male pattern baldness.



Androgenetic alopecia

You can recognize androgenetic alopecia by a pattern. The hair begins to thin out above both temples and recedes into an M-shaped hair line. The hair loss can also occur on the crown of the head, which is the top. If this happens it is possible that you get completely bald.

According to dermatologists androgenetic alopecia can start in the teenage years and the risk increases as you get older. When you suffer from hair loss, but you do not know what type of hair loss it is. We advise you to read this article.

The best treatment against male pattern baldness genetics

If you know for certain you suffer from hair loss that is hereditary. Than you should try the androgenetic alopecia. Neofollics offers a treatment for people suffering from androgenetic alopecia. The treatment tackles baldness and improves the general condition of the hair in a few months. 

The treatment of Neofollics is not only effective for the growth of hair, it has also positive benefits for your scalp. It can help increase the effects of dandruff and different types of eczema. The combination of this products are effective gainst androgenetic alopecia and help combatting your condition. The treatment consists out of:


Male pattern genetics baldness is baldness due to hereditary. Another word for this is androgenetic alopecia. Luckily, this is treatable by treating it the right way, with effective products.



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