How to stimulate hair growth?

You can stimulate hair follicles to grow after reading this article which explains you how to stimulate hair growth and advises what nutrients and vitamins are working effectively as hair growth stimulator. Nowadays, hair growth stimulation can happen through many hair products and treatments. Online you can find many treatments that tell you that by using them your hair will grow faster. But, in fact you need to stimulate hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles and providing them with healthy ingredients. Which is why it is important to be careful in using hair growth products and treatments without knowing what ingredients are in it. This article explains the following topics: 

  • How does hair grow on your head? 
  • How to encourage hair growth? 
  • How to use a Hair follicle stimulator? 
  • How to stimulate facial hair growth?


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How does your hair grow on your head?

Hair growth stimulation works through different phases. There are three main phases and they end in the exogen phase, in which the hair leaves your scalp. The three main phases are:

  • Anagen phase: this is the longest phase lasting most of the time about 3 to 5 years. Around 90 percent of your hairs is in this phase.
  • Catagen phase: this phase lasts about 10 days. During this phase, hair follicles shrink and hair growth slows. The hair also separates from the bottom of the hair follicle, yet remains in place during its final days of growing.
  • Telogen phase: this phase lasts about 3 months. In this phase new hairs begin to form and other hairs almost shed.
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How to encourage hair growth? 

To encourage hair growth, you can use a hair growth stimulator such as supplements that support hair growth. These supplements can play an important factor in hair growth stimulation because they consist out of important ingredients for your scalp and hair. For hair growth stimulation you can do the following things: 

Firstly, it is important to get enough nutrients and vitamins in your body. For example, vitamin A, Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Iron. You can find these ingredients as hair stimulators in Neofollics Hair Growth Supporting Tablets. When you have a deficiency of any of these ingredients in your body than you are likely to experience hair loss, because this can disturb hair follicle stimulation and the hair growth process. 

Secondly, using a Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo can also help with hair growth stimulation. A shampoo that uses healthy ingredients, which are vegan and natural can help to grow your hair faster and healthier. Neofollics does not use parabens, silicones, or sulphates because that can damage hair follicles and does not benefit the effectiveness of a shampoo to stimulate hair growth. 

Thirdly, do not wear tight hairstyles such as ponytails because this can damage your hair which interrupts hair follicle stimulation and can cause your hair to shed. 

Lastly, do not rub or scratch your hair if you suffer from any hair or scalp condition that causes itching or irritation. Damaging your hair follicles will not be the best follicle stimulator for hair growth as you might have figured out. An itchy feeling can be disturbing but don’t let it cause hair loss by scratching to much or hard. A solution for the itching can be a healthy scalp treatment consisting out of a peeling serum, exfoliating shampoo, and nourishing mask. A healthy scalp treatment can calm your scalp and effectively combat against yeasts, dandruff, and other scalp conditions. This treatment can also work as a mild hair growth stimulator.

What to use a hair follicle stimulator? 

The most famous hair follicle stimulator is Minoxidil. But it is definitely not the only hair follicle stimulator for hair growth. Neoxyl® for example has been specifically developed as successor of Minoxidil for stimulating hair follicles. Both hair growth stimulant have there own pros and cons which are explained below: 

  • Minoxidil is a drug widely known for hair growth stimulation. It was first introduced exclusively as an oral drug, to treat high blood pressure. But at a side-effect they discovered, is that it increases overall body hair. 
  • Neoxyl: has been especially developed as the successor of Minoxidil in hair follicle stimulation. Neoxyl consists out of three main hair growth molecules namely, Adenosine, Aminexil and Vividine. 

Minoxidil is the more famous hair growth stimulator, but known side-effects are more common than in Neoxyl®. For example, well-known side-effects of Minoxidil are lower blood pressure and dizziness. While Neofollics uses Neoxyl® together with 10 other active hair growth stimulators in our Hair Growth Stimulating Lotion. 

How to stimulate facial hair growth? 

Facial hair growth is largely determined by genetics, but there are several things that can potentially help stimulate hair growth around the facial area. Here are some tips: 

  • Keep a healthy diet: Eating a healthy can support hair growth stimulation, a balanced diet that includes plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals can help promote healthy hair growth. 
  • Exercise regularly: Regular exercise can increase blood circulation and promote hair growth. 
  • Get enough sleep: Getting enough sleep is important for overall health and can also help promote hair growth. 
  • Reduce stress: Stress can have a negative impact on hair growth, so it's important to find ways to manage stress levels.  
  • Use beard oil and serum as hair growth stimulator: These products can help nourish and condition the skin and hair, promoting healthy growth. Additionally, you can use a beard growth enhancing roller that works as a hair follicle stimulator by increasing blood circulation. 
  • Take supplements: Certain supplements, such as biotin, zinc, and vitamin D, may help promote hair growth. 
  • Be patient: Facial hair growth takes time and may not happen overnight. It's important to be patient and consistent with your efforts to stimulate growth. 


Products that help stimulate hair follicles to grow 

The Hair Growth Kit of Neofollics consists out of a stimulating lotion and a hair growth enhancing roller. The Neofollics lotion works as a hair follicle stimulator and it contains 10 active hair growth stimulating ingredients, giving the non-activated follicles an extra stimulus to grow. All the ingredients are scientifically proven to have a positive effect on hair growth. In combination with the Scalp Roller the lotion is absorbed 5 times better. 

The Hair Growth Kit

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Additionally, there are some other products that can work as hair growth stimulators such as Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo and The Hair Growth Stimulating Conditioner. Wash your hair regularly with Neofollics shampoo for hair growth stimulation. After massaging the shampoo in your hair, you can rinse it off and use The Hair Growth Conditioner. This conditioner and shampoo together work nourishing for your scalp and are effective against dandruff and other scalp conditions. These products also consist out of ingredients that work as hair growth stimulators and the ingredients lay the foundation for healthy hair growth.  


In conclusion, to stimulate hair growth it is essential to understand the three phases of hair growth, which are the anagen phase, catagen phase, and telogen phase. To encourage hair growth, you can take hair growth supplements with nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamin A, Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Iron. Tight hairstyles and scalp conditions such as itching, or irritation can damage hair follicles and cause hair loss which is why you should try to avoid it. Genetics play a significant role in hair growth on the scalp and beard area, but also enough sleep, reducing stress and avoiding certain medications can help to stimulate hair growth. 


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