Flakes on the scalp

Flaking of the scalp can be the result of dermatitis, dandruff or psoriasis. Of all types of dermatitis the most likely to peel your scalp are: seborrheic dermatitis and contact dermatitis.

A dry scalp can be uncomfortable and if it leads to itching and peeling, you can have a bad feeling about your hair condition.
That is why it is important to determine, what leads your scalp to flake and how you can treat it for the best hair and scalp result.

Neofollics scalp therapy line


Where do the flakes on your scalp come from?

Most of the time the flakes originate from dead skin cells, which are shed at a faster than normal rate. The flakes tend to be white or light yellow and easy to rub of your head. As said above the flakes develop because of dermatitis or dandruff.

Dermatitis is a dry, itchy skin condition. There are two types of dermatitis that lead to the flakes on your scalp. This types are seborrheic dermatitis and contact dermatitis.

Seborrheic dermatitis causes scaly patches and red skin on the scalp and other areas, while contact dermatitis is a red and itchy rash that is caused by contacts with allergen.

The causes of contact dermatitis depend on your condition. If you have an allergy and you touch something which irritates it, it could cause your scalp to flake. Products which contribute contact are: cosmetics, detergents, fragrances, latex, nickel, plants with poison and topical medications.

The causes of seborrheic dermatitis on the other hand, can be caused by a yeast and increased levels of hormone androgen and levels of oil skin. Furthermore, it can be caused by an inflammatory reaction. Also, it is highly likely that stress, genetics, a dry climate, certain health conditions and medical treatments could lead to an increased risk on developing this skin condition.  

Results of a woman 67, experiencing seborrheic eczema and an sensitive scalp after using 'Neofollics Scalp Therapy Line products'
(Results of a woman, experiencing seborrheic eczema and reduced hair growth improvements after using Neofollics Scalp Therapy Line products)

Flakes on the scalp can also come from Dandruff or psoriasis. Dermatitis can develop itself in your entire body, while dandruff only can develop itself on your skin. Dandruff can be treated very well with an healthy shampoo

Flaking conditions

A few conditions can cause flaking, if you want to read more about them, then you can read articles about it.

Benefits of a healthy scalp

The health of your hair and scalp is in your hands. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, our scalp exists of 100.000 follicles. Like a seed sprouting a tree, each follicle contains a single hair that grows. The follicles produce sebum and oil, which help the scalp moisture and protects the skin from infection.

Every hair follicle got his own microbiome. The scalp also has a microbiome, if there is disruption in the balance of the scalp microbiome than it is highly likely that dandruff or dermatitis causes it. It is important to have an healthy scalp because a poor scalp can lead to hair loss.

A healthy scalp stimulates healthy hair and make your performance look better. Some conditions as itching and irritation also reduce.

How to treat your flakes on the scalp?

Neofollics has an innovative way to treat flakes on the scalp through an exfoliating shampoo that can be used by anyone who needs an healthy scalp.

For the scalp, we have a new scalp therapy line. It consists of an exfoliating shampoo and a nourishing mask. This treatment helps you, if you suffer from dandruff, dermatitis or want healthy hair.

The treatment improves the health of your hair as following:

  • The products exfoliate the scalp and remove sebum build up.
  • Dandruff and flaking will reduce, because of anti-fungal ingredients Piroctone Olamine and Climbazole.
  • Prevent itching and irritation.
  • Redness and inflammation decreases.
  • Psoriasis and dermatitis effects reduce due to Licorice extract
Before and after neofollics scalp therapy line

(Results of a woman 29, experiencing seborrheic dermatitis, itching and flaking.
After using the Neofollics Scalp Therapy Line treatment)

The picture above shows the results after using our shampoo for 4 weeks. 

How to prevent the flakes on the scalp?

We know that it is possible to prevent flakes on your scalp, if you use the right hair washing method and the best products on the market. Lather your hair at least twice and on the second lather, leave the shampoo on your hair for 2 minutes to get the best result. Every person has another frequency, which is good for your body. Some people shower everyday with shampoo and other people shampoo their hair two times a week.

Other ways to prevent flakes on the scalp are:

  • Using a scalp roller to promote your blood circulation. 
  • Use at home products for better scalp in combination with a shampoo for significant reduction of hair loss and stimulation of hair growth.
  • Using a moisturizing conditioner in combination with a healthy shampoo.


There are a few products effective against flakes on the scalp, such as the healthy treatment of Neofollics. This can be combined with a treatment to stimulate hair growth and a healthy scalp with natural ingredients to make your hair clean, shiny and beautiful again.

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