Does Selenium Help Thinning Hair?

Selenium is a mineral that plays important roles in the body, including helping with hair growth. Nowadays, selenium tablets for hair are often used to promote hair growth and to combat against funguses on the scalp. Sometimes, too much selenium can actually contribute to hair loss which is why in this article we explain how selenium and hair growth are connected and where selenium is good for. The following topics will be discussed: 

  • What is selenium good for? 
  • Does selenium help hair growth? 
  • Can selenium deficiency cause hair loss? 
  • Can selenium help against grey hair? 

What is selenium good for? 

Selenium is an essential component of various enzymes and proteins, called selenoproteins. These proteins help to make DNA and protect you against cell damage and infections. Selenium benefits for men and women are that it helps to reduce inflammation and is needed for the production of testosterone, maturation of sperm and motility. Low levels of selenium have been associated with cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, male infertility, depression, and anxiety. 

Moreover, selenium also benefits the skin by ensuring that it remains firm and protected. Selenium benefits for skin are based on the stoppage of free radical damage before premature wrinkles can form. Also, selenium helps to protect cell membranes against UV damage and pigmentation. For your hair this can also have benefits, such as remaining colourful and strong hair. 

Does selenium help hair growth? 

Selenium for hair growth seems to be an effective treatment to promote the growth of your hair. Many people suffering from telogen effluvium for example take a selenium supplement for hair growth to regrow hair effectively. It is well-known that your body needs trace minerals, nutrients, and vitamins to support selenium hair growth. Therefore, the Neofollics Hair Growth Supporting tablets can help you to maximize the benefits of selenium for hair and to promote your hair growth the best you can. 

Selenium is needed by many enzymes in your body to perform its role in catalysing different chemical reactions. Antioxidants of selenium help the body to clean itself from free radicals that cause premature aging and weakening of hair follicles. That is why, selenium helps you effectively to maintain healthy hair growth by destroying these free radicals. 

Can selenium cause hair loss? 

As beneficial as selenium can be for the health of your hair. You should also know that there is also a connection between selenium and hair loss. For example, a deficiency of selenium leads to hair loss, this condition is called selenium deficiency hair loss. However, getting an overdose of selenium in your body also causes selenium hair loss, which is why you should only consider taking selenium supplements for hair growth when you can trust a company such as Neofollics.  

The Neofollics Hair Growth Supporting tablets contain zinc and selenium supplement for hair loss with a dosage that has been approved by dermatologists. It is important to take a safe dosage because to high levels of selenium may result in selenium toxicity, which causes hair loss. A sign of selenium toxicity is that to many antioxidant enzymes enter your body and start to attack your body’s own cells. Fortunately, when only using Neofollics supplements to maintain hair colour or to support hair growth than you won’t by bothered by this.  

Can selenium help against grey hair? 

As said above, selenium is good for hair growth, but selenium can also help maintaining colourful hair. When we get older our stem cells start to die. Unfortunately, these stem cells create Melanocytes which are important for pigmentation in the hair. To treat graying hair, you need specific minerals such as copper, iron, calcium, selenium, and zinc. A deficiency of these minerals in your body gives you more risk of turning gray and losing hairs. 

Selenium and zinc for hair loss are important to treat hair loss but also to prevent graying your hairs even further. Make sure to take vitamins in combination with selenium and nutrients. Healthy vitamins and nutrients are iron, protein, and vitamin A, B, C, D.


In conclusion, selenium can help to support hair growth and the antioxidants can help to reduce dandruff. When you use selenium for hair make sure that you use a safe amount to maintain your optimal hair condition. Selenium also has benefits for maintaining hair colour and providing pigmentation. In fact, preventing gray hair is better than trying to heal it. 

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