Our advice to you

Good that you are looking for a treatment to keep your hair healthy and to stop the process of graying. You indicate that you are starting to become gray and want to avoid persistence of this as much as possible. You also want to maintain healthy hair and ensure that the hair does not become thinner. Based on your answers, we recommend a combination of two effective Neofollics products. This treatment is referred to by us as a treatment for colorful and healthy hair.

Your treatment:

  • Neofollics Anti-Gray Tablets
  • Neofollics Hair Growth Supporting Tablets


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Our advice to you

To give the hair all the nutrients to grow healthily and thereby slow or stop the process of graying, we recommend using two products together. Because you do not yet have advanced or extreme hair loss, the Neofollics Tablets will suffice with a maintenance dose of 1 tablet per day. In addition to your diet, this tablet provides the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals for healthy hair growth and prevents hair loss. Use the Anti-Gray Tablets to effectively combat graying hair. This consists of a swallow tablet and a lozenge with ingredients that stimulate the production of pigment (melanin) in the hair and counteract the fading of the hair. The packaging of the Tablets will last for 3 months and that of the Anti-Gray Tablets for 1 month. When the products are used up, you can order from us according to the dosage.

What can you expect?

  • Preservation of colorful hair. The process of graying hair is slowed down.
  • Improving the overall condition of the hair. The hair will grow healthier. With the Tablets you get the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Products in your treatment

Your treatment consists of an effective combination of the products below

Producten tegen grijs haar

Neofollics Anti Gray Hair Tablets

Neofollics Anti-Grey Hair Tablets inhibit the greying process. The appearance of grey hair, and the speed with which this happens, is thus reduced. In addition, already white / grey hair can become less white or even regain their original color. Restoring color, especially with long-lasting grey hair, is of course more difficult than preventing or inhibiting greying hair.

Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Tablets

The tablets are designed to support hair growth. In addition, these can reduce nutrient deficiencies that can cause hair loss. At the same time, the Neofollics Hair Growth Supporting Tablets ensure that the hair gets all the nutrients it needs to keep hair growth healthy.

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grijs haar voorkomen

Neofollics Anti-Grey Hair Tablets

Neofollics Anti-Grey Hair Tablets remmen het proces van grijs worden. Het ontstaan van grijze haren, en de snelheid waarmee dit gebeurt, wordt dus verminderd. Daarnaast kunnen reeds witte/grijze haren minder wit worden of zelfs hun oorspronkelijke kleur terugkrijgen. Het herstellen van kleur, zeker bij reeds langdurig grijze haren, is uiteraard lastiger dan het voorkomen of remmen van grijs wordend haar.