Malassezia On Scalp

Malassezia on scalp happens when yeast, that occurs as part of your skin’s natural flora, multiplies and infects your hair follicles. This condition can cause various symptoms, such as itchy pimples, crusts on the scalp and scales. 

In this article you will read everything you need to know about Malassezia on scalp. The following topics will be discussed: 

  • Malassezia scalp symptoms 
  • Does Malassezia cause hair loss? 
  • How to get rid of Malassezia on scalp? 
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Malassezia scalp symptoms 

Malassezia yeast on scalp symptoms are flaky and white scales, shedding of the hair, red or purple patches, itchy patches with various shapes, soft and white moist areas and white, red puss-filled pimples, and crusts on the scalp that may cause hair loss. 

Does Malassezia cause hair loss? 

Malassezia scalp hair loss can appear because Malassezia on scalp is a type of naturally occurring yeast. Malassezia yeast on scalp can cause damage and inflammation to the hair follicles if it is produced in excess and left untreated. The same happens when you have an increased sebum production. An increased Malassezia production can cause hair loss. 

How to get rid of Malassezia on scalp? 

The most important question to answer when you want to get rid of Malassezia scalp hair loss completely, is how you can combat against it. A perfect way to do this, is using a Malassezia scalp shampoo. That does not only combat the symptoms of Malassezia on scalp, but it also exfoliates the scalp from scales and flakes and reduces itching. 

The Malassezia scalp shampoo is perfect to combine in a Malassezia scalp treatment with a nourishing mask for the scalp. This Malassezia scalp treatment is the most effective treatment for the improvement of the scalp. The Malassezia scalp shampoo and nourishing mask work together in a multitude of ways such as removing impurities and containing a broad spectrum of ingredients with anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial activity. The Malassezia scalp shampoo also contains soothing, natural oils to treat and calm the scalp. 

The root cause of dandruff is the single-celled microbe Malassezia globosa, which exists on everyone’s scalp. Malassezia globosa dandruff can appear in all warm-blooded mammals. Around 50% of the people’s bodies have a negative reaction to Malassezia, what makes you vulnerable to Malassezia globosa dandruff, because it is then likely to spread more easily 

The most-effective Malassezia dandruff treatment can reduce symptoms of dandruff such as flaking. With this Malassezia dandruff treatment of Neofollics, it is certain that you increase the health of your scalp and reduce unnecessary inflammation. This treatment contains a high concentration of effective ingredients such as Climbazole, Piroctone Olamine, Witch Hazel Leaf Extract and Horse Chestnut Extract and more.  

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