Thinning temples

People who have to deal with thinning temples suffer from hair loss. This may be due to genetics, styling, heredity, stress or medication. Hair loss affects at this moment more than half of the population and almost everyone suffers from it at some point in their life. Hair thinning can occur in different forms, which are described in this blog. Furthermore you can read about the causes of hair loss and the best way to treat hair loss .


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Forms of thinning hair

There are two forms of hair loss that are most likely to cause your hair to thin. These are androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata. Androgenetic alopecia is hair loss that often appears in generation long-families. Their family members often suffer from it as well and in males the hair thinning tends to occur from the hairline to the back of the head. In females, it tends to affect the crown of the head.

The other form alopecia areata, you can recognize because of the round patches on the scalp. Furthermore, it can also affect the eyebrows, beard and other areas where hair is present. Genes and environmental factors are often the main causes. With alopecia areata the hair follicles are still alive, and the hair can regrow. But often the patches on the scalp start small, but can develop itself to a lot of big patches. They can occur on the temples, but also on the crown of the head.

Causes for hair loss

Losing hair on the temples, which are the side regions of the head is often quickly noticeable. Thinning in this region in women is something that appears frequently, whereas men encounter a recession of their hairline from their face. 

There are a lot of factors that can cause your hair to thin, such as the amount of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels in your body and also hereditary hair loss. The following factors can also impact the amount of hair loss:

  • Smoking can affect your DHT levels and damage hair follicles. 
  • Hormonal shifts during pregnancy and menopause
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Stress can cause telogen effluvium. You can read more about telogen effluvium and the best treatment against it on these pages.
  • Side effects of some medications including birth control pills, mood stabilizers, antihypertensives, and acne medications.
  • Vitamin deficiencies, including vitamin B12 and vitamin D. You can read more about nutrients and vitamins for hair growth on these pages.
  • Hair-pulling behaviour or tight hairstyles (like cornrows and high ponytails).

How to treat thinning at the temples

 The first step of resolving your hair loss and thinning, is to figure out what causes your hair to fall off. You can meet with your doctor, but in many cases that is not really necessary. On this page you can read more about possible things that cause your hair loss and how to treat it. 

There has been done many research on how to treat hair loss and thinning at the temples. But nowadays, fortunately, we have found a solution - a special treatment for thinning hair. The treatment consists of an effective shampoo with ingredients that are good for the scalp, hair follicles and hair. And the treatments also contains tablets that consist out of vitamins and nutrients, which promote growth on the hair. In our shampoo, no sillicones or sulphates are used. Also, instead of Minoxidil we have developed our own hair growth stimulating factor, namely piroctone olamine, which is more effective in several areas and has fewer side effects.

The tablets must be taken three times a day and consist of 12 active ingredients that provide the hair follicles with the nutrients it needs to develop healthy hair growth. Moreover, the tablets contain only natural ingredients and have no side effects.


Thinning of the temples is a sign of hair loss. You can treat this effectively with the Neofollics treatment for thinning hair and make sure to get your hair back in good condition after a couple of months.

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