Sulfate free hair growth shampoo

A sulfate free hair growth shampoo is different than other shampoos, because it does not contain sulfates. They are mild for your hair and contain ingredients that work effective on your scalp and hair, so that the natural oils in your hair do not damage. Because this shampoo does not remove all the natural oils from the scalp and hair, something that shampoos with sulfates do.

In this article you can read about the definition of sulfates, advantages and disadvantages of sulfates and the best shampoo for the scalp.

Neofollics scalp therapy exfoliating shampoo


What are sulfates

Sulfates are detergents that degrease your hair. Shampoos often contain sulphates, because it cleanses your hair. But a sulfate free hair growth shampoo does the same. A shampoo containing sulfates can be recognised by the back of a shampoo bottle. It often says Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, but also Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Abbreviated as (ALS), (SLS) and (SLES).

You can divide sulfates into two parts:

  • An oil- soluble part; the oil-soluble part attaches itself to the dirt in the hair.
  • A water- soluble part; the water-soluble part then causes the dirt to dissolve in water and be rinsed away.
    In many cosmetical products; such as skin and hair products consist out of sulfates. Often sulfates are used together with parabens.

What are parabens                 

Parabens are preservatives with an anti-bacterial usage and prolong the shelf life. They are easy to rinse and do not damage your lure, they are not biodegradable. Although parabens do not irritate the skin, they can cause hormonal imbalance.

Advantages and disadvantages sulphates
Sulfates have both good and less good properties. Below we made a list of advantages and disadvantages.



It cleanses the scalp thoroughly

It often causes dehydration

The shampoo foams finely

If you suffer from a sensitive scalp or dry hair, it is better not to use sulphates

Usually it is cheaper than sulphate-free shampoos

It removes the natural fats and oils from your hair, which can cause your scalp to become irritated and your hair to become drier


It is bad for the environment

There are aggressive sulfates and less aggressive sulfates. The more aggressive they are how more they cleanse and degrease. The aggressiveness can lead to skin irritations especially if you have an sensitive scalp. They can be so intensive in cleaning that they also dissolve your natural oil layer, causing dryness and irritation these aggressive sulfates are Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

Best overall- Hair Growth Shampoo

Neofollics does not use sulphates in any of their shampoos or products, because of the many cons. In addition, there are already other ingredients that clean the scalp and it has no effect on hair growth.
Hair growth is determined by other ingredients such as Neoxyl and other products that stimulate it and nourish the hair follicles with healthy nutrients and vitamins.

The sulfate free hair growth shampoo, is shampoo that has proven to be the most effective shampoo for hair growth on the market. It does not contain any sulphates or silicones.

Woman holding Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo
Neofollics shampoo to repair your hair

How it works

Apply the sulfate free hair growth shampoo directly to the scalp with your fingertips. Here the shampoo is gently massaged and distributed, so the shampoo can provide rich nutrients to the scalp that are absorbed by the hair follicles.

Suitable for

The Neofollics sulfate free hair growth shampoo is suitable for every man and woman (18+) who want to effectively improve and stimulate the condition of the hair. Furthermore, the shampoo is also a suitable solution to inhibit hair loss.

Scalp treatment

The scalp treatment of Neofollics consists out of two products that help to combat against your scalp conditions such as: seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, eczema and itching on the scalp. It can also have effect on the symptoms of psoriasis, lichen planopilaris and folliculitis.

Scalp Therapy

The treatment contains 2 effective products, which are The Exfoliating Shampoo of Neofollics and The Nourishing Mask of Neofollics. We are proud that with these products we have found the solution for different scalp conditions. More than 90% of the users are proud with the results from this treatment and see significant improvements in their hair condition. It is an sulfate free hair growth shampoo that also has a lot of positive effects for the scalp.

Why you must choose a sulfate free shampoo

We advise you to buy a sulfate free shampoo, because that is more safe than a shampoo which consists sulfates. Your eyes and skin can become irritated by sulfates and cause brittle or chemically processed hair.

If you nevertheless choose to buy a shampoo with sulfates, we recommend you to try to use the Neofollics shampoos to. Because there is a clear difference noticeable for many scalp conditions and hair textures. 

Our advice

We advice you to check the ingredients list before buying a shampoo, because parabens and sulfates can have effect on your hair condition. But also, every product with -cones on the end of its name can have severe worsening effects on your hair condition. 

We advice you to look for a shampoo with many natural ingredients and positive reviews.


Sulfates can clean your hair, but they also have cons especially if you have a sensitive scalp. That is why sulfate free shampoo is the best option to combat against hair loss and scalp conditions.


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