Neofollics lotion 41% more effective on cell growth then Minoxidil

Clinical studies revealed that the Neofollics lotion is 41% more effective on cell growth in comparison with Minoxidil. The Neofollics products are developed to be user friendly and have no side-effects. The treatments are completed with a product range of hair loss Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion and Tablets.

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About Neofollics Hair Technology and their hair growth molecule Neoxyl.

At Neofollics hair growth has our full focus. We study the mechanisms that promote hair growth or causes hair loss to create effective solutions. At Neofollics Hair Technology, we strive to develop hair loss treatments that are as effective as possible, at a reasonable price, without compromising on ease of use or have damaging side-effects. The active ingredients we use are all scientifically proven to be effective against hair loss and to stimulate hair growth. 

At Neofollics we developed the hair growth molecule Neoxyl. Neoxyl 7% has been specially developed as the successor to Minoxidil and other hair growth lotions. Minoxidil is a drug widely used for hair growth stimulation. However, it has limited effectiveness and has many negative side effects. Hair growth molecules Neoxyl 7% ® contains three main hair growth molecules namely Adenosine, Vividine ® and Aminexil ® .

 These molecules have a similar molecular structure to Minoxidil, but together provide a broader approach to hair loss and have virtually no side effects.

Individual products

Individual products

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Every hair situation is unique and recquires a different approach. To help you with your hair situation in the best way possible we made a personalized hair advice tool. You get your personal recommended treatment within 3 minutes.

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Male 58 years old

On the left you can see photos of a male who has used a treatment of Neofollics products for 4 months. The treatment was the treatment against advanced hair loss.

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Individual products

Individual products